Shed Prices in Montana

The average shed price in Montana varies from $2,500 to $20,000, depending on the size and materials you opt for in your shed. Storage shed prices in Montana are influenced by various factors such as size, materials, design, foundation, and…

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Shed Permits in Wyoming

Click to view links for counties and cities in Wyoming regarding shed permits. Wyoming is one of those Western states that doesn’t have statewide zoning regulations or building codes. When it comes to placing a shed on your property, the…

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Shed Permits in Montana

When it comes to constructing sheds in Montana, understanding the intricacies of shed permits is essential. Shed permits play a crucial role in ensuring that construction adheres to local regulations, zoning requirements, and safety standards. This article provides a comprehensive…

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How To Build a Pad!

Like all buildings, a good foundation for a shed is important. Montana Shed Center’s warranty is good only when the shed is placed on a proper pad. Here is a short video that will help you create a good pad.

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A Better Shed Floor

So I can tell by the fact you are on this page you are not the average shopper. You are a researcher! You are a fact finder! I have a feeling you make good decisions when purchasing a product. So…

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Superior Corner Blocking

The importance of corner blocking. Montana Shed Center takes great pride in building the best sheds and that is why we use corner blocking. We use a double top plate on all our buildings with the exception of the Economy sheds.  How…

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