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Buildings For Life

Find the building for your life today!

Montana Shed Center builds storage sheds, garages, chicken coops, and more. However, these are more than buildings because we believe they are meant for life.

“Buildings for life” is not just an empty phrase; instead, it is a principle by which we operate. It first means providing buildings that will last a lifetime. It is peace of mind to know that your purchase has been designed, tested, and backed up by a company that cares. Secondly, we want to offer buildings that meet a need in your life. Whether for secure storage or a place to live, we strive to please.

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As your neighbor here at Montana Shed Center, we realize that your time and possessions are valuable to you. Over the past decade, we’ve built and storage sold over 10,000 sheds in the northwest, and we offer the best 10-year warranty in the industry.

Feel Secure

Feel secure by having a place to store all your valuables.

Get Organized

Take back your home or garage and find things quickly.

Enjoy Your Life

Having a space to do your thing makes life better.

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About Us

At Montana Shed Center, we know that you want to be secure and organized. To do that, you need a storage shed or cabin. The problem is, you don’t have the time to build it yourself or the finances to customize it for your needs, and that can make you feel like you have to settle for the second-best. We believe you deserve an affordable, quality building that fits your needs. As your neighbor, Montana Shed Center understands that your time and possessions are important to you. We have built and sold over 10,000 sheds in the northwest, and we offer the best 10-year warranty in the industry.