A-Frame Shed

One of our most popular shed styles, the A-Frame storage shed is perfect for a variety of uses. This multipurpose storage shed can be used as an outdoor backyard storage unit, an office, a tool shed, and much more!  

Hi-Side Storage Shed for Sale in Montana

Hi-Side Shed

Our Hi-Side storage shed is a great storage solution for your lawn equipment or holiday decorations. Its double-sloped, barn-style roof design allows for maximum storage efficiency by providing more overhead space.

The quaker Storage Shed for sale in Montana

quaker shed

Our elegant classic-looking Quaker sheds not only add beauty to your backyard but also provide you with a storage advantage at an affordable price. It’s like adding a piece of history to your backyard.

single slope storage shed

Single-Slope Shed (Lean-to Shed)

Lean-to sheds have always been an ideal solution for homeowners who do not have much backyard space because these sheds provide a generous amount of storage area while taking up minimum real estate.

Lo-Wall Barn for sale in Montana

lo-wall Barn Shed

Another ideal option for those who have limited space but looking for a larger storage shed is our Low-Wall Barns. Taking up minimal space on a property, these sheds hold quite a bit of storage space with their barn-style roof designs.

single slope storage shed 5

economy shed

The simple design of this unique product makes it more affordable compared to other shed options. As with all our sheds, these sheds can protect plenty of your storage items, but at an affordable cost.

storage shed for sale in great falls, mt

Prestige castle mountain shed

If you have a large property and are looking for a larger storage shed that will add unique beauty to your backyard, the Prestige Castle Mountain shed is one of our best options for you.

bears paw storage shed

prestige bears paw shed

Our Bears Paw shed can be used for much more than a storage solution. It can also be uniquely designed and converted into an office, She-Shed, or workshop within its operational and spacious interior.

highwood storage shed for sale in Montana

prestige Highwood shed

Our largest shed option is our largest storage-problem solver. With its large interior volume, long wide door, long transom window, and unique interior design, this shed style brings some magnificence to your backyard.

alpine storage shed 9

alpine shed

Crafted from rough-cut lumber, the Alpine shed is a rugged, authentic storage shed that majestically stores anything from sports equipment to Christmas decor to garden equipment.

Your Shed, Your Way

Custom wood storage sheds are a popular choice these days. We construct and install our storage sheds on your property; from there, you can take it and personalize it for yourself. You can use these to store items you don’t have room for or convert them into your dream workshop, home office, she-shed, or man cave. These are just a few examples; the sky’s the limit!

We Sell Sheds Near You

With all the custom options we have for you to utilize, you can find a building that meets all your needs and looks perfect. MSC offers a full line of custom storage sheds for sale at more than 50 locations in Montana, Utah, Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.