The Weather Is Turning

The Weather Is Turning And What That Means For You.

It is a fact, liked by some and despised by others. The weather is changing, and the days are getting darker and colder. The winter presents challenges for us, and first and foremost is the snow. Keeping our cars, boat, ATVs out of the weather is a good thing and not having to scrape your vehicle’s window is even better. Having enough room to organize all your items is nice because having easy access to things like your snowblower is fantastic.

What about searching for your Chrismas decoration in -10° weather. If everything is organized, presto, you found them! Putting them all way becomes that much easier too. In other words, knowing where things are when you need them means less time freezing, your you know what off.

With that in mind having a place warm to work in the winter is good for one’s health because it provides you an opportunity to get out of the house and off the couch. It can be a craft room, workshop, exercise room, loading room, or just about anything else you can imagine. Oh yes, don’t forget about that greenhouse that helps you get a jump start on your garden. The chart above shows just how much it can help.

The chart above shows average temperatures, but we know in the rocky mountains and prairie the temps can go way off the chart in the downward direction. That cold brings stress on your pets and livestock. So makes sure you get them a place to stay warm, well at least out of that frigid wind.