Shed Permits in Wyoming

Shed permits in Wy

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Wyoming is one of those Western states that doesn’t have statewide zoning regulations or building codes. When it comes to placing a shed on your property, the best steps to follow are either the county or the city building codes. In some counties and cities in Wyoming, there are regulations for shed permits. It’s important to remember that shed permits in Wyoming fall under either building codes or zoning regulations.

If you are a Wyoming resident, the first thing you need to do is understand that you must adhere to state, county, or city regulations. We highly recommend checking the city rules first. If the city where you live doesn’t have specific shed permits or zoning regulations, you should then check the county rules. If there are no shed permits at the county level either, you’ll need to consult the statewide regulations in Wyoming.

Statewide Shed Permits in WY

Are There Shed Permits in WY?

Yes, there are shed regulations in Wyoming, but they are not statewide. The specific requirements and regulations can vary from city to city and county to county within the state. It’s essential to contact your local city or county government office or visit their official website to determine the specific permitting requirements and processes for your area.

What Requires a Shed Permits in WY?

In Wyoming, shed permit requirements are typically determined at the local level, and they may differ from one jurisdiction to another.

To determine if you need a shed permit in your specific area of Wyoming, you should follow these steps:

  • Contact Local Authorities: Reach out to your city or county government offices.
  • Visit Official Websites: Many cities and counties in Wyoming provide information about permitting requirements and processes on their official websites. Check for any shed-specific information, including size restrictions, zoning regulations, and permit applications
  • Consult Zoning Codes: Zoning laws can dictate where you can place a shed on your property and whether a permit is required based on factors like shed size, location, and use.
  • Talk to Building Inspectors:  If you have any doubts or questions about shed permits in WY, consider speaking with a local building inspector. They can provide guidance on whether your specific shed project necessitates a permit and what the application process entails.
  • Check with Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs): If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners’ association, they may have additional restrictions or guidelines regarding sheds.

Maximum Shed Size Without Permit in WY?

In most of the cities and counties in Wyoming, the maximum shed size without a permit is 200 square feet. Any shed size smaller than 200 square feet will not require a shed permit.

Which Shed Sizes Do Not Require Shed Permits in WY?

Sheds of these sizes do not necessitate shed permits in Wyoming since none of them exceed 200 square feet in area

Size of the Shed Does not Require PermitsArea in sq ft

How Much Does a Shed Permit Cost in WY?

The expense associated with shed permits in Wyoming is contingent upon the project’s valuation, as it dictates the permit fees. This valuation comprises four primary components: labor, materials, overhead, and profit. Additionally, the contractor’s contract price can also be a factor in determining the valuation

For instance, in Casper, Wyoming, fees start at $13 for projects under $500, increasing by $100 increments afterward. Electrical permits are based on square footage. Check city and county websites for full permit fee details.

Shed Permits Application Process in WY

The shed permit application process in Wyoming typically involves the following steps:

  • Contact Local Authorities: Reach out to your local government for shed permit information.
  • Get Application Forms: Obtain forms online or in person from the permitting office.
  • Complete Application: Fill out the form accurately, providing shed details.
  • Gather Documents: Prepare necessary documents like plans and ownership proof.
  • Submit Application: Send the form and documents with fees to the local office.
  • Application Review: Local officials review your application for compliance.
  • Inspections: Schedule inspections if needed during construction.
  • Receive Permit: After approval, get your permit and keep it handy.
  • Build Your Shed: Follow the approved plans during construction.
  • Final Inspection: Schedule a final inspection to ensure compliance.

County and City Shed Regulations in Wyoming

It’s important to note that specific regions may have shed regulations that apply at the county or city level. Here is a compilation of links to some Wyoming counties and cities where Montana Shed Center has sales lots:

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What Happens If I Don’t Obtain Permission for My Shed?

It is always best to avoid these situations if you don’t want to risk wasting your investment or facing fines for not obtaining a permit for your shed. Some of the situations you may face without a shed permit include:

  • Substantial fines.
  • Grievances from neighbors.
  • Placing a lien on your property.
  • Penalties enforced by the Homeowner’s Association.
  • Potential structural issues.
  • The necessity to relocate or rebuild your shed.
shed permits in Wy

FQA For Shed Permits in WY

What is a shed permit? 

A shed permit is the legal permission to begin the construction of your project after completing all the necessary paperwork and receiving approval from the relevant department

Why do I need a shed permit in WY?

Building permits are vital in construction for several reasons. They ensure safety, compliance with codes, boost property value, and fulfill legal obligations. Inspections maintain quality and address issues early, while permits may also protect the environment.

How long does it take to review building plans for a shed in WY?

Once all the documents are completed, it will take approximately 10 business days for the review. However, this timeline may vary depending on the county and the city.

What types of plans do I need to submit to obtain a shed permit in Wyoming?

In order to obtain a shed permit, you may need to submit plumbing, heating, appliance, electrical, foundation, and framing details, depending on the features of your shed.

Can I do the work myself ?

Homeowners can do the work if it’s their primary residence, but it must meet building code standards. Permits and inspections are essential. Using a licensed contractor is recommended.

How can I request a shed inspection in WY?

After obtaining a permit and completing the work, you can schedule inspections through the online application’s calendar feature. In many Wyoming counties and cities, applicants are required to provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice.

When will I get a shed inspection in WY?

The timing of a shed inspection in Wyoming varies based on factors like workload and project complexity, but in many counties and cities in WY, it can be scheduled within 48 hours.

shed permits in WY


When dealing with shed permits in Wyoming, it’s crucial to recognize that regulations differ depending on your location, and securing a permit is vital for ensuring safety and adherence to the law. To get started, reach out to your local government office for precise guidelines, which may encompass building codes and zoning regulations. In numerous regions, you can acquire shed permits in as little as 48 hours, with costs determined by the project’s assessed value. While doing the work yourself is an option, it’s advisable to enlist a licensed contractor. It’s important to bear in mind that neglecting to obtain permits can lead to fines and other penalties, underscoring the importance of following the correct procedures and arranging inspections to guarantee safety and regulatory compliance.

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