How big of a shed should I purchase?

We hope to guide you in understanding what size shed you will need. You need to consider some factors that you may not have thought of.

You obviously cannot have a shed larger than the piece of property you have available. An excellent first step is to take a tape measure and measure the area you have in mind. Then measure the space around the plot to determine if there is adequate room for access. You would be looking to see if you can fully open the door and if there is still clearance to enter with an object.

One consideration is access to deliver a shed. Our sheds are delivered preassemble for quality purposes. There needs to be an opening large enough for the size shed you purchased and room to maneuver it into place. Fences, trees, buildings, etc., can restrict access. We do offer onsite assembly, but it will be an additional cost. Another option is to have the building brought in by a crane. Please contact us if you have any questions about deliverability.

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What is the purpose of your shed?

To determine the size, you will need to consider your intended purpose both now and in the future. Sheds in the past were just basic storage units. However, today, people use sheds for many purposes. It might be a craft room, workshop, storage shed, or a combination.

Will it require a permit?

Before you go too far, it is essential to contact your local government to see if there are limitations, permits, or foundations required for the build. This largely depends upon the square footage and how close it will be to other structures. Please check with your local government.

What do you intend to place in the shed?

If you are trying to clear out a closet or garage, it is a good practice to gather the stuff together and measure the square footage of the mass. If you want to store large items like lawnmowers, ATVs, cabinets, desks, etc. take the time to measure them and add up the square footage. Square footage is determined by multiplying the width by the length.

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Shelves can replace some of the floor space. Our standard shelves are 2′ deep. If you have two 10′ shelves, they will replace 40 square feet of floor space. On the other hand, if you need floor space, make sure the shelves are high enough not to restrict access to it.


Lofts can also help to add storage capacity. With its gambrel roof, the Hi-Side shed offers the most loft space because of the steep pitch near the walls.

Doing due diligence will help you end up with the right shed for your needs.

Nobody has ever told us they wish they had bought a smaller shed!

If you’re prepared to buy storage sheds or garages, our article on Shed Permits in Montana could serve as a valuable resource.