Prefab Garages

A-frame shed for sale in montana

A-Frame garage Sheds

An A-frame prefab garage is one of the most affordable options to safely park your car or store your lawn or garden equipment. 

hi side garage storage shed for sale in montana

Hi-Side garage Shed

A Hi-Side prefab garage is the best option for those looking for roomy and spacious garages with high ceilings.

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The castle mountain garage shed

Our distinguished-looking prefab garage is equipped with extra features that will add more than just beauty to your backyard.

hi side garage storage shed 3

Double-Wide garage shed

Are you looking for a safe space for your second car or planning to buy another one? Do not think any further. We’ve got an option for you.

We build your car a new lifestyle

Get yourself a personalized prefab garage to tuck your car into at night. Whether it’s a dry safe home for your vehicle, motorcycles, bikes, boats, ATVs, or snowmobiles, a manufactured garage is the way to go because it can store and protect many things that bring value to your life.

Northwest hailstorms and sun damage can really hurt a vehicle. Corrosion, paint fade, and increased risk of vandalism are also a few more potential downsides to leaving your vehicle outside. A prefab garage helps solve these dilemmas.

What else can a prefab garage provide for you?

Detached garages can also provide a place to work out of the weather. This is a place for painting a dresser, fixing the lawnmower, woodworking, making sure your fishing gear is ready for the season, and many other things.

Are prefab garages worth it?

Certainly! Our detached garages are equipped with standard wooden floors, which helps to make them more cost-effective. The heavy-duty garage flooring is specifically designed to support up to 1,064.81 pounds per square foot. Consequently, opting for wooden flooring proves to be a more economical choice compared to the expense of pouring a concrete floor.

How long does a prefab garage last?

Our durable, detached garages last for generations. We use the finest materials, excellent craftsmanship, and a 10-year structural warranty on our labor. This means that if anything happens structurally to the building within your first ten years of ownership, you can give us a call, and we will be sure to fix the issue.