Sheds Anchor Kits Tutorial

Most of the time, a shed that is filled with heavy items will withstand high winds, but there are times when an anchor kit will save the building. Animal shelters and greenhouses are especially susceptible to tipping under high winds. These anchor kits are relatively easy to install. If your shed is exposed to high winds, an anchor kit is cheap insurance.

Tools you Need

  • Power Drill
  • Hammer
  • 1/8″ Wrench
  • T-25 Drill Bit

Hardware we Provide

  • (2) U-bolts
  • (2) Ring Mounts
  • (2) Spear Anchors with a wire cord
  • (4) 3″ T-25 Screws
  • (1) Installation Rod

Before driving in your anchors, make sure you will not penetrate anything like your sprinkler system. Please call 811 before digging.

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