Cabin Shells

DIY Cabins for sale in Montana

Prestige Cottage

This beautiful shed cabin is for those looking for an affordable option to have a small office, hobby house, or man cave in their backyard.

DIY Cabins for sale in Montana

gambrel cottage

This model is highly recommended if you have a large backyard and want a spacious shed cabin, tiny cabin, workshop, she shed, or office space.  

DIY Cabins for sale in Montana

prestige outfitter

If you want a tiny lake house or summer house to spend your free time at, a Prestige Outfitter shed is an excellent pick that maintains a simple and peaceful design to further enhance your getaways.

DIY Cabins for sale in Montana

gambrel outfitter

Everyone needs a place to relax, read a book, work quietly or study from time to time. The Gambrel Cottage cabin shell offers you a beautiful place to enjoy these comforts, while also staying true to the classic, barn-style design.

DIY Cabins for sale in Montana

trading post

For those who admire old, western-style structures, our Trading Post Shed cabin is the cabin for you. By bringing a unique, western feel to your backyard, this multi-purpose shed cabin can be used as a storage shed, or it can be turned into a private tiny bar saloon, dining hall or rec room.

You dream It, we design and build

Our affordable DIY Shed Cabins are one of our most admired products, as they can be produced and used for many different purposes. They can serve as an extra room for your guests or an office in your garden, maybe a summer house where you would like to spend your vacation with your family, a pool room, a hobby house, or even an outdoor living space with a bar where you can have your friends over. We provide the cabin shell; from there, we’ll let you take it and turn it into your dream space, whatever that may be!

Select A Style and Start Designing Your Diy cabin

DIY cabins come with an unfinished interior, which gives you the opportunity to finish them to complement the specific use that you have for your DIY cabin. Take advantage of having a warm, dry, and secure shelter where you can finish the interior yourself or hire some help. Plus, you can take pride in having your handy work on display, built with your own unique, personal flair.

Montana Shed Center’s 3D designer lets you design and customize your own shed cabin shell.