A Better Shed Floor

So I can tell by the fact you are on this page you are not the average shopper. You are a researcher! You are a fact finder! I have a feeling you make good decisions when purchasing a product. So read on.

Some shed companies boast about having 4×6 skids and 2×6 joists. However, does this really make their sheds better? There are pros and cons to everything! The pros to this are if you are going to block a shed up then it does offer greater strength. However, there is something to consider here. The greater height of the skid and joist makes a much higher floor. Lifting heavy objects into the shed becomes that much harder. If you block the shed it will become even worse.

The Montana Shed Center Way

We use lower height 4×4 skids and 2×4 joists to create a lower profile entry which in turn provides easier access. When resting on the level ground (which is the best solution) our floor load is greater than any other standard shed floor construction. We increase the number of skids on some sheds to increase overall strength. We stand behind our sheds with one of the best warranties in the industry because we are confident our floors will not fail while offering easier access.

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