Shed Permits in Utah: The Complete Guide

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When it comes to obtaining shed permits in Utah, the process can be a bit frustrating due to the absence of a statewide shed permit code. If you’re a Utah resident planning to install a shed in your garden or backyard, you’ll need to secure a permit for your shed construction. The most effective approach to determine the requirements for shed permits in Utah is to consult the specific shed permit process in your city.

If your city doesn’t have specific shed permit regulations in place, it’s crucial to investigate whether the county in which your city is located has established any guidelines for a building permit for a shed in Utah. Should you encounter difficulties at the county level, the last resort is to comply with the state-level shed permit regulations.

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Do Sheds Need Permits in Utah?

Yes, they do. Sheds smaller than 200 square feet do not require any permits statewide in Utah. However, certain cities and counties in Utah may have shed permit requirements for construction.

Building a Shed Without a Permit in Utah?

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Utah’s building codes for sheds can vary depending on the specific cities and counties. If you’re planning to install a shed in your backyard that is smaller than 200 square feet, you typically won’t require a shed permit in Utah. However, if you intend to construct a shed larger than 200 square feet without obtaining the necessary permit, you could encounter various issues, including:

  • Substantial fines.
  • Complaints or grievances from your neighbors.
  • The possibility of a lien being placed on your property.
  • Penalties imposed by the Homeowner’s Association (if applicable).
  • Potential structural concerns.
  • The need to relocate or rebuild your shed.

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free shed installation, it’s advisable to check with your local authorities and adhere to the relevant building codes and permitting requirements in Utah. This will help you avoid any potential problems down the line.

Maximum Shed Size Without Permit In Utah?

In many counties and cities throughout Utah, the maximum allowable shed size without requiring a permit is typically 200 square feet for residential purposes, and 120 square feet for commercial use.

How Big is a 200 Square Foot Shed?

Building permits for sheds in Utah exempt sheds from permit requirements if they are smaller than 200 square feet. However, it’s essential to accurately determine the size of sheds that fall within this exemption.

Size of the Shed Does not Require Permits in UtahArea in sq ft

How Much Are Shed Permits in Utah?

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The cost of shed permits in Utah varies based on the total valuation of the construction project. If the total valuation falls within the range of $501.00 to $2,000.00, the permit fee is calculated as follows: a base fee of $23.50 for the first $500.00, plus an additional $3.05 for each extra $100.00 or fraction thereof, up to and including $2,000.00. On the other hand, if the total valuation is in the range of $2,001.00 to $25,000.00, the permit fee increases to $69.25 for the initial $2,000.00, and an extra $14.00 for each additional $1,000.00 or fraction thereof, up to and including $25,000.00. These fee structures help fund the permitting process and ensure that construction projects adhere to safety and building regulations in Utah.

What Requires a Shed Permit in Utah?

The duration required to secure a shed permit in Utah exhibits notable variation contingent on the particular city or county in which you are seeking the permit. Below, we outline some of the common steps that must be followed in the application process.

  • Contact Local Authorities
  • Visit Official Websites
  • Consult Zoning Codes
  • Talk to Building Inspectors
  • Check with Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs)

How Long Does it Take to Get a Shed Permit in Utah?

For a permit for a storage shed in Utah, you can expect a response from the relevant department in most counties and cities within 14 working days. They will inform you about the permit’s status, including whether it has been approved or if any corrections or additional information are necessary.

How Long Does a Shed Permit Last in Utah?

Once the necessary fee is paid, you’ll be granted a 6-month period to initiate your construction project. If the work isn’t commenced within this timeframe, your permit for a storage shed in Utah will lapse. To proceed with your construction, a reopening fee must be submitted. This rule typically applies to most cities and counties throughout Utah.

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Utah Counties Building Codes for Sheds

The permit for storage shed in Utah can exhibit notable variations across its diverse counties and cities. To ascertain the specific requirements for storage shed permits in Utah, one must refer to the distinct guidelines established by each respective county.

  • Shed Permits in Beaver County, Utah

Shed permits in Beaver County, Utah are essential for the construction of sheds, ensuring that they meet local building codes and regulations. Before beginning any shed project in Beaver County, it’s advisable to inquire with the local government or county building department regarding the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining a shed permit.

  • Shed Permits in Box Elder, Utah

Building permits for sheds in Box Elder, Utah are typically processed within 7 to 10 business days once the office has received all the required paperwork. In the event that you are missing any documents, the office will promptly contact you with a list of the required items.

  • Shed Permits In Cache City, Utah

In Cache City, Utah, all shed applications must be submitted digitally. Once your application is processed, our staff will promptly email you the permit along with the associated fee. Typically, the building permits process  for sheds in Cache City is completed within approximately 10 days.

  • Shed Permits In Carbon County, Utah

Like other counties in Utah, Carbon county requires individuals to apply for and fill out a permit application for shed permits.

  • Shed Permits In Daggett County, Utah

When it comes to obtaining a shed permit in Daggett County, Utah, there are specific and unique requirements you must be aware of. If you are a resident of Daggett County, it is essential to carefully review the details before taking any action.

  • Shed Permits In Davis County, Utah 

To obtain a permit for a storage shed in Davis County, Utah, please note that they no longer accept paper applications. All applications must be submitted through the building permit application link provided on our website. If you are prepared for an inspection related to an existing shed permit, kindly reach out to Shums Coda Associates by giving them a call.

  • Shed Permits In Duchesne County, Utah 

Building permits for sheds in Duchesne County are unique compared to other counties in Utah, as they mandate permits for sheds intended for human occupancy, regardless of their size.

  • Shed Permits In Emery County, Utah 

If you reside within the city limits of Emery County and intend to construct a shed, it is essential to adhere to the city’s specific requirements for obtaining shed permits. Conversely, if your property is located outside the city limits, you must instead follow the county’s procedure for securing shed permits within Emrey County.

  • Shed Permits In Garfield County, Utah 

When it comes to obtaining shed permits in Garfield County, Utah, it’s essential to follow the relevant local regulations and procedures. These permits ensure that your shed construction complies with the county’s standards, zoning laws, and safety requirements.

  • Shed Permits In Grand County, Utah 

In Ground County, all work must be carried out by a state-licensed contractor, and a permit is required before taking any action. The Building Department also provides an online application option for your convenience.

  • Shed Permits In Iron County, Utah 

Shed permits in Iron County, Utah, are typically required when building a new shed or making significant modifications to an existing one. These permits ensure that your shed complies with local building codes and regulations, guaranteeing its safety and adherence to zoning requirements.

  • Shed Permits In Juab County, Utah 

In numerous cities within Juab County, there exists a distinct permitting process for sheds. In both the county and several of its cities, a shed exceeding 200 square feet in size necessitates obtaining a shed permit.

  • Shed Permits In Kane County, Utah 

The process for obtaining a building permit for sheds in Kane County is similar to that of many other cities in Utah, as they adhere to international building codes. The application must be submitted exclusively through their website, and you can also schedule inspections online.

  • Shed Permits In Millard County, Utah 

Obtaining shed permits in Millard County, Utah involves following specific procedures and guidelines set by the county’s regulations. It’s essential to contact the Millard County Building Department or visit their website to get detailed information on the permit application process, fees, and any specific requirements for your shed construction.

  • Shed Permits In Morgan County, Utah 

A permit for storage sheds in Morgan County, Utah is now exclusively available online. Once you have completed the application, you are required to save it in PDF format and have it notarized. After all your documents are submitted, the processing will commence once payment is made.

  • Shed Permits In Piute County, Utah 

Shed permits in Piute County, Utah are subject to the following regulations and procedures. shed permit application process, documentation. permit fees, and inspections.

  • Shed Permits In Rich County, Utah 

The process for obtaining a storage shed permit in Rich County is well-documented on their website. To ensure a smooth application, please follow the steps outlined on their website and complete the required online form. All the necessary details can be found there.

  • Shed Permits In Salt Lake County, Utah 

A permit for storage sheds in Salt Lake County can be conveniently submitted electronically through Before submitting your application, we encourage you to visit the website and review detailed information about the shed permit process in Salt Lake County.

  • Shed Permits In San Juan County, Utah 

Getting a shed permit in San Juan County is simple and clear thanks to international building codes. Just visit their website, review the process, and apply for your permit. 

  • Shed Permits In Sanpete County, Utah 

In Sanpete County, all sheds exceeding 200 square feet in size necessitate shed permits. However, even for sheds smaller than 200 square feet, compliance with additional regulations is mandatory, which can be found on their official website.

  • Shed Permits In Sevier County, Utah 

You can submit both your shed permit application, schedule an inspection, and obtain documents online through their website.

  • Shed Permits In Summit County, Utah 

For obtaining building permits for sheds in Summit County, they exclusively accept applications through their online software system. Furthermore, shed permits are reviewed and issued through the same online platform.

  • Shed Permits In Tooele County, Utah 

In Tooele County, Utah, they adhere to international building codes, ensuring a transparent and straightforward process. Moreover, they have implemented an efficient online submission system for shed permits in Tooele County, streamlining the application process.

  • Shed Permits In Uintah County, Utah 

The shed permit process in Uintah County is thoroughly explained on their website, providing a clear, step-by-step guide. Additionally, the website offers an online application option for obtaining a shed permit in Uintah County.

  • Shed Permits In Wasatch County, Utah 

When it comes to obtaining shed permits in Wasatch County, you have the convenience of setting up an online account, where you can easily upload all necessary documents in PDF format and submit your application for a storage shed permit.

  • Shed Permits In Washington County, Utah 

The building checklist is available on their website, and the entire process of applying for building permits for sheds in Washington County can be completed online through their website.

  • Shed Permits In Wayne County, Utah 

If you’re looking for information on shed permits in Wayne County, Utah, it’s best to contact the local government or visit their official website for specific and up-to-date details regarding permit requirements and application procedures.

  • Shed Permits In Weber County, Utah 

Most cities in Weber County have adopted the International Building Code, which specifies that buildings with a footprint of 200 square feet or less do not necessitate a building permit. You can readily access pertinent information and conveniently apply for your shed permits in Weber County through online channels.

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10 Big City Building Codes for Sheds in utah

The building permit for a shed In Utah, can vary significantly from one city to another. While some cities follow international building codes, others have developed their own distinctive processes for obtaining a building permit for a shed. For your convenience, we’ve outlined the shed permit procedures for the ten largest cities in Utah, all easily accessible with just a click, tailored to their respective counties.

Building permit for shed in Salt Lake City, UtahBuilding permit for shed in Layton, UtahBuilding permit for shed in Ogden, Utah
Building permit for shed in Orem, UtahBuilding permit for shed in Provo, UtahBuilding permit for shed in Sandy, Utah
Building permit for shed in St. George, UtahBuilding permit for shed in West Jordan, UtahBuilding permit for shed in Bountiful, Utah
Building permit for shed in Murray, UtahBuilding permit for shed in West Valley City, UtahBuilding permit for shed in Taylorsville, Utah

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In conclusion, securing shed permits in Utah can be a city-specific process due to the absence of a statewide code. It’s crucial to navigate your city’s shed permit process. If your city lacks regulations, explore county guidelines, or adhere to state-level rules. Sheds under 200 sq. ft. (or 120 sq. ft. for commercial use) typically don’t need permits, with fees varying based on project valuation. Permit processing times vary, often taking up to 14 days for a response. Ensure a hassle-free installation by consulting local authorities, visiting official websites, and following area-specific guidelines. Each county and city may have unique requirements, so check accordingly for a successful, compliant shed project.

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