Double Wide

Double-Wide Garage

Double-wide means double the vehicles

If you are looking to keep more than one vehicle out of the weather, the double-wide garage is for you. These garages can be customized for many uses. You can have a workshop on one side and a car on the other, or remove the garage doors and you have a large space for many uses. These prefabricated garages are built inside our indoor factory to ensure quality and efficiency, which provides our customers with a better product for less money. Our innovative wood floors are designed to stand up to the test of time, without the expense of a concrete slab. These can be built floorless to be placed on a footer or slab.

Standard Garage Features

  • 4×4 Pressure Treated Runners
  • 2 skids on 8’ wide buildings
  • 5 skids on 10’ and 12’ wide buildings (7 on 14’ and 16’)
  • Painted Exterior (your choice of color)
  • Contrasting Painted Trim color included
  • Framing 16” O/C
  • 8″ on center floor joist
  • 40-year Metal Roof tuff rib
  • 1-5’ Double Wood Door on sheds over 8’ wide
  • Roof Trusses 16” O/C
  • Synthetic Roof felt
  • 2 gable vents (8×16)
  • 7′ 4.5″ wall height
  • LP SmartSiding (50-year warranty)
  • 3/4 PerformMax® flooring
  • Overhead garage door (no double wood door)
  • 1 house style door (no glass)
  • 1 24″x36″ aluminum window
  • Engineered trusses with a 4/12 pitch. 2′ o/c
  • 7’4.5″ wall height
  • 8″ on center floor joist
  • 3/4 ProStruct® flooring
  • 2 9’x7′ overhead doors (8’x7′ on 20′ wide)
  • 1 house style door (half glass)
  • 3 24″x36″ vinyl windows

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