Dog Kennel

Dog Houses & Kennels

Two Great Ways To Keep Your Dogs Safe and Warm

Sample Pricing

6’x10′ dog kennels starting as little as $5,510.00 and
Rent-to-own only $255.00 a month

Here at Montana Shed Center, we are pet lovers too. Having a warm and sheltered place for our dogs is vital in the cold Northwest; here are two options that can fill that need. Our dog house is a great option for those with a fenced-in area, and they are available insulated or uninsulated. A dog kennel is an excellent option for those who need an indoor/outdoor place for their dog without letting them loose.

Dog Kennel

Dog Kennel Special Features

  • Wall height 6’4″
  • Chain link fence with a door
  • Dog flap between shed area and dog run
  • The shed area is 4′ x the width of the building
  • Single man door 30″
  • 18×27″ window
  • 2′ o/c framing
  • Your choice of paint color
  • Metal roof (A-frame style)
  • No insulation standard
Dog House

(Small: $261, Medium: $310, Large: $436)

Dog House Standard Features

Small Dog House: $250.00 (16″x24″x24″; opening: 9.75″x12.75″)
Medium Dog House: $296.00 (24″x36″x36″; opening: 11.25″x15.25″)
Large Dog House: $416.00 (36″x48″x48″; opening: 14.25″x23″)

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