Metal Animal Shelter

metal animal shelter 2

10′ x 20′ starts as low as

$ 9,496.20

Rent-to-own starting at

$ 376.83 a month

metal animal shelter

the strongest, most durable metal animal shelter you can buy!

These steel animal shelters are designed for the hardworking rancher. Give your livestock shelter from the western weather plus move the shelter when you need to. One of its great features is its steel beam construction which includes drag hooks and anchor points. Never see your building rolling in the wind! The exterior is finished with metal, and a durable wood interior protects from animal kicks.

Standard Features


  • Floorless

Side Walls

  • Metal Siding
  • Steel beam construction
  • Wood interior
  • Anchor points come with tie-downs
  • Optional gates and dividers


  • Metal Roof

Design Your Own metal animal shelter

Did you know you can create and customize a 3D model of the metal animal shed you want to purchase? Here are a few ways that you can customize your own metal animal shelter.

Pick A Size

We offer a wide selection of sizes which allows you to pick the perfect-sized metal horse shelter for your backyard.


Select any color and material for the interior and exterior walls, and the roof of your metal animal shelter.


Doors and windows are optional features for our metal animal shelter.

Metal Animal Shelter Delivery

We offer secure and complimentary 50-mile shipping with any building that is custom or from inventory at our over 50 locations in six Northwestern states, including Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.