Chicken Coops

Chicken Coops for sale in Montana

6′ x 8′  starts as low as

$ 3,992.75

Rent-to-own starting at

$ 166.36 a month

Chicken Coops for sale in Montana

Affordable quality chicken coops

Raise your chickens for morning-fresh eggs and become more independent by raising your own food. In the Northwest, it’s essential to have a safe place to protect your chickens from predators and a good shelter that protects them from bad weather. Our chicken coop sheds provide solutions for both concerns.

Standard Features


  • Treated Floor

Side Walls

  • 6’x8′ Quaker-style building
  • Windows (2x)
  • Vent (1x)
  • Chicken Door
  • Entry Door
  • Roosting bar
  • Nesting Boxes (6x)


  •    24″ O.C Trusses
  •   40-Year metal roof tuff rib

Design Your Own Chicken Coop

Did you know you can create and customize a 3D model of the chicken coop shed you want to purchase? Here’s how you can personalize your chicken coop shed.

Pick A Size

We offer a wide selection of sizes which allows you to pick the perfect-sized chicken coop for your backyard.


Select any color and material for the interior and exterior walls, and the roof of your chicken coop.


The windows and doors of a chicken coop come in various sizes and can be customized.

Chicken coop Delivery

We offer secure and complimentary 50-mile shipping with any building that is custom or from inventory at our over 50 locations in six Northwestern states, including Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.