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T1-11 Shed Siding

Is All Shed Siding The Same?

Most sheds come standard with T1-11 siding but what does that mean? T1-11 describes a look not the type of product. T1-11 is paneling that has grooves cut at various intervals. So when you are told by a shed dealer they use T1-11 siding that only tells you what your shed will look like it will not tell you the quality of the siding.

Your siding is important because the siding will be exposed to harsh environments. Moisture from rain or sprinklers can quickly deteriorate a shed’s siding. Hail and rocks thrown by a lawnmower can create damage that will be exploited by water. So the type of siding is very important.

What about T1-11

T1-11 was once made of masonite (it still might be) and it proved to be a poor product for exterior use. Now T1-11 is mostly made from hardwood or an engineered wood similar to OSB. Hardwood T1-11 has a natural wood look and is a good product, but it does have its drawbacks. Untreated wood will not stand up to the elements so maintenance is required.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) type T1-11 has its problems too. Inferior OSB can swell and separate when exposed to water over time. At Montana Shed Center we only use first grade LP Smartsiding®. We have tested our OSB type product with a hardwood ply product in a soak test and the OSB outperformed the hardwood. Engineered OSB finish also tends to accept and retain paint better than wood. This means it will be much longer before repainting is required. By the way, we use only high-quality Sherwin Willams® A100 paint.

Doing It Right

The last point that needs to be addressed in installation. Improper installation will prevent any product from living up to its potential. We follow the manufacturer’s recommended installation methods so that you will be covered by their warranty. The LP SmartSidng® product we use comes with an unbelievable 50-year warranty. Think your shed can last 50 years under warranty!

Just For You

Why did we write this article? Montana Shed Center does not want you to spend any more money than you have to. So we go to great care to make the best product we can without overdoing it. In doing so we do not use the cheapest products to give you a cheap price. Doing that would leave you paying more in the end after our warranty runs out. However, we want you, our customers, to understand that our prices are based on a great product. From workmanship to delivery every detail is done with you in mind.

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