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Perfect Style with our Diverse Siding Options!

When it comes to siding options for storage and garage sheds, we offer a diverse range to suit many preferences and styles. Our selection includes durable and low-maintenance materials such as LAP siding, Metal siding, or log siding. These options provide excellent protection against the elements while maintaining their attractiveness over time.

lp smartside

LP Smart Side

LP Smart Side engineered wood siding is durable and easy to maintain, which makes it an excellent option for cabin shed owners. LP Smart Side siding is designed to look and feel like natural wood. This versatile siding can be used on any shed style and is available in multiple colors.

lap siding

Lap Siding

The modern look of this siding makes it one of the most popular types of siding for DIY cabins or Cabin Sheds. This horizontal siding type gets its name from its architectural style, in which each board overlaps with the one before. Lap siding is customizable and available in multiple colors.


Board & Batten

Board & Batten siding was one of the first siding styles used in America. Unlike Lap Siding, Board & Batten is installed vertically and made of planks called boards and thin strips called batten. When installing this siding, the wide boards go vertically along the side of the shed, and the gaps between the boards are sealed with a thin strip of batten. Board & Batten is available in a large variety of colors.

metal siding

Metal Siding

Metal siding has been widely used for storage sheds, garages, barns, and animal shelters for years in the States. It has recently become a popular siding choice for homeowners. The main advantage of metal siding is that it is highly durable and easy to maintain. Unlike other sidings, metal sidings are insect resistant and do not absorb heat or moisture. We offer metal siding in many color options.

log siding

Log Siding

Log Siding is a perfect option if you want a rustic design for your prefab cabin, hunting cabin, lake house, or office shed. Log siding is durable and provides good insulation and sound resistance.

cedar lap siding

Cedar Lap Siding

Cedar Lap siding is an eye-catching design for cabin sheds and is a durable option for shed owners. Cedar Lap siding’s eco-friendly materials provide natural insulation, which saves you money on energy costs.


Wainscot Siding

Wainscot siding is popular among cabin shed owners for its durability and decorative appeal. Besides the cosmetic value that it adds to your storage shed, it also adds extra insulation and protects the wall of your backyard shed from damage. Wainscot siding comes in multiple sizes and can be used on interior and exterior walls.

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We believe in empowering our customers to unleash their creativity and bring their dream sheds or garages to life. With our user-friendly 3D designing tools, you can easily customize every aspect of your structure online. From choosing the dimensions, materials, colors, and even adding personal touches, the possibilities are endless. Our 3D designing feature ensures that you have full control over the final look and functionality of your shed or garage.