Montana Shed Center – Great Falls, MT

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It is not easy to find a large inventory of sheds at every sales lot of most of the shed companies. This is not an issue for us. Montana Shed Center offers an extensive inventory with sheds for sale at every sales lot.

storage shed for sale in great falls, mt


We can help you find a storage shed perfect for storing feed and other items on your home and ranch.

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Store your boat, side-by-side, car, or truck in our durable and customizable garages.

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Are you ready to enjoy the great outdoors with our durable custom build cabin sheds?

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You can either design it yourself or let us design it with a fully finished interior.

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animal shelters

Our animal shelters, are structurally designed to provide comfortable and healthy living spaces.

Where to Buy Sheds in Great Falls, MT

To reach our Great Falls, MT lot from Fort Benton, MT:

Get on US-87 S to Great Falls, MT. Then take 3rd St NW to NW Bypass.

To reach our Great Falls, MT lot from Fort Helena, MT:

Get on I-15 N to Great Falls, MT. Take exit 280 and make a left onto Central Ave W. Then turn right onto 34th St NW, then turn right onto Vaughn Rd.

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Prefab Building Delivery in Great Falls, MT

We offer secure and complimentary 50-mile shipping with any building that is custom or from inventory at our Great Falls, MT, sales lot. Our delivery area extends from Square Butte, MT, in the east, Gilman, MT, in the west, Neihart, MT, in the south, and Brady, MT, in the north.