Free Delivery

We offer free delivery with 35 miles any Montana Shed Center sales lot

Recommended Site Preparation

Single Garage and any building over 200 sq. ft.

  • We do not block buildings over 200 sq. ft.
  • Customer to provide a level ground surface (compacted 3⁄4” road mix recommended)

A-frame Utility, Hi-side Barn, Economy series and buildings under 200 sq.ft.

  • Gravel base ( 3⁄4 road mix recommended) The gravel pad should be 1 ft longer and wider on each side of
  • The gravel pad should be 1 ft longer and wider on each side of the building.
  • Gravel pad needs to be level within 1”

We can level these buildings with customer provided blocks at a rate of $60/hr. or any portion thereof. Montana Shed Center provided concrete blocks are $6 each. A building site cannot be out of level more than 8” for MSC to provide blocking and leveling service.

Double Wide Garages and Portable Log Cabins (with a wood floor)

  • Needs to have no less than 6” of compacted road mix gravel base 2ft longer and 2 ft wider than building. (We will not block a double garage or cabin under any condition)
  • Needs to be laser level
  • Needs to be compacted 3⁄4 road mix minimum requirement
  • Concrete slab recommended for all Glacier Cabins

Double Wide Garage and Horse Barns (floorless on a concrete slab)

  • Monolithic Concrete Slab 18” deep by 12” wide perimeter with 6” gravel base and 4”
of concrete in the middle
  • Perimeter Footing 16” wide for walls to set on
  • Needs to be completely level

One hour FREE setup labor after one hour of arrival at your driveway or road.