Wooden Garage Floors Are A Viable Solution.

Wooden Garage Floor

Please note that wood floors might not comply with local building codes. If that is the case, order your garage as a floorless model.

Customers often get surprised when we them our garages have wooden floors. It is understandable because it is not something many are accustomed to. Wood is very strong when it is used correctly.

We don’t skimp on the number of joists we use. The joists are placed every 8 inches. That limits the stress on the substraight from spanning too large of a gap. The sub straight is 3/4″ tongue and groove Huber PerformMax® 500 flooring.

Wood garage floors are cost-effective.

We can build our garages as floorless models for placing on a concrete slab or footing. While being very strong, concrete is costly. The option of an engineered wood floor system makes owning a garage a possibility for many.

We have sold hundreds of garages with our wood floor with great success, and we stand behind our products.

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