Sheds Are Made From Several Materials

Metal Wood Shed

One of the challenges of buying sheds in today’s market is choosing what shed material would be best for you. These days, everything is available, and the options can be overwhelming. For the most part, there are three kinds of buildings that are most common.

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Plastic sheds are very popular for a few reasons. They are easy to assemble and lightweight to move compared to sheds made of other materials. They also need less maintenance since they won’t rot, rust, or attract insects. However, they are less visually appealing and can look cheap. Another downside is you cannot paint a plastic shed since regular paint will not bond well to plastic. They also cannot bear as much weight on the walls as a shed made of wood or metal, limiting inside wall and loft storage possibilities. Additionally, the sun can wear on the plastic, causing it to become brittle and faded.


metal shedAll Metal sheds are becoming more popular in the industry because of their durability. They are fire-resistant and impervious to rot and water. Yet, if not built correctly or maintained properly, they can be vulnerable to rust. They also can be dented in storms with winds that carry debris. The other drawback is they are usually flimsy with hard-to-close doors, and they do not have the visual appeal that wooden sheds have. Moving these sheds is a chore because they need to be disassembled.


The most popular choice by far in backyard storage is a wooden shed. Top-quality wood sheds have 50-year warranties on the roof and siding, and maintenance is usually only a coat of paint fifteen to twenty years down the road. A trip to the hardware store can service any repairs. They make wonderful additions to a yard and can double as playhouses for kids. They are durable, and the inside can be modified with shelving or cabinets if needed. Wooden sheds are moved as a single unit. A wooden shed can be clad with metal siding. The main downside of wooden sheds is the possibility of rot or mold, but most materials are treated against it and can be avoided with regular maintenance.

In the end, you may find that while metal and plastic sheds could have less upkeep, wooden ones look nicer and are more customizable for future needs. If taken care of, wooden sheds are as durable as the alternatives and can last you and your family for years and years to come.

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