Is It Time To Consider Owning A Greenhouse?


Greenhouses are ideal for getting a jumpstart on the growing season. This is especially nice in the Northwest. Plants like tomatoes, peppers, and flowers can be started early and transplanted once the frost is gone. Yep, that is the joy of owning a greenhouse!

Consider Your Needs


Buying a greenhouse is a long-term investment, so you want to make sure you will have sufficient space. Often we underestimate the room we need, so make sure you get a good idea of which types of plants and how many of each you will want. 

Your Covering (Glazing)

It is important to have good glazing. Glass is considered one of the best glazings, but it is expensive and subject to breaking. Polycarbonate siding provides excellent insulation and is very durable. You will want to say away from thin plastic.


A good location is important. If it is too far from your house or the garden, you will use it less and less. Also, the greenhouse needs to get at least 6 hours of light. The farther north you are, the lower the sun is in the sky in the early season, so careful attention needs to be given to things that can block the sun.

Maintaining The Right Temperature

Greenhouse vent

The purpose of owning a greenhouse is to maintain a good growing environment in which temperature is important. Early in the season, temperatures can be very cold at night, and the temperature in the greenhouse can drop significantly. The greenhouse should be insulated and a heater in place in cold conditions. Ventilation is also an important factor. Plants can get too hot, so a good greenhouse should have a ventilation system. Some require electricity to run a fan, while others have a solar-powered self-opening vent. Rocks and pots of water that are exposed to the sunlight in the greenhouse help maintain temperature throughout the night.

Healthy Living

The goal is to provide your home with beautiful plants and fresh vegetables to increase your quality of living. Also, the time spent in the greenhouse and garden provides that stress-free time outdoors with nature for better mental clarity.

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