How To Build A Shiplap Planter


I’m at it again! I am loving making planter boxes for around our home and greenhouse. I have been wanting to make a shiplap planter ever since I saw the cost of just buying one $60+ to buy one vs $15-$20 to build one… that’s a win! This is a beginner DIY project that will be sure to make you proud when it’s completed!

Let’s get building!


  • 3 1x6x8
  • 1 1x3x8 or 1 1x4x8
  • 3 1x2x8
  • 1”- 1 1/4” inch brad nails
  • Wood glue


  • Miter Saw (or have the lumber yard or friend help with cuts!)
  • Measuring Tape
  • Nail Gun


  • 4 1×2 cut at 19 inches
  • 4 1×3 or 1×4 cut at 19 inches
  • 6 1×6 cut at 17 inches
  • 6 1×6 cut at 18 inches
  • You will make cuts for cleats and the top after the box is built


  1. Start by building your legs. You will use your 1×2 and 1×3 to build four legs. Place the 1×2 on its side, apply wood glue, and place the 1×3 on top. I like to use a block to help support the 1×3. Use 1 1/4 inch brad nails and nail the 1×3 to the 1×2. (See example below) 
  2. Take your legs and place them with the 1×3 face side down. You will add your 18-inch 1×6 pieces starting with the first one flush with the top and adding the 2 below. I like to use Applewood glue on the sides, add the 1×6, and then use 1-inch nails to nail the sides. You will have two sides completed!
  3. Place your two sides vertical and attach your 17-inch board the same way as the 18-inch boards. I like to use 1 1/4 inch brad nails for these sides along with wood glue. Once your 3 boards are attached on the one side, flip and complete the last side!
  4. You have a completed planter! At this point, you can either add trim to the top with the remaining 1×2 or leave as is. If you choose the trim, just measure the top and cut the pieces to size and glue and nail with 1 1/4 inch nails.
  5. Measure the inside of your box and add cleats on either side with 1×2 with wood glue and nails. Add 2-3 pieces of wood on top of the cleats to hold a plant. 
  6. Stain or paint your planter, add a sealer, insert a pretty plant, and BAM! You’ve made yourself a shiplap planter! If you would like to add a word I have linked the Etsy shop where I get my word cut-outs!