Considering Solar Power for Your Shed

solar power shed

In the age of sustainable energy, people are looking for renewable ways to power things. Whether windmills, waterwheels, or the most popular solar panels. Solar energy is growing in popularity. Why? Because of the ease of installation and maintenance. And although it can be expensive to get started, they do pay for themselves over time.

They work in various regions.

In the Midwest, you might think solar panels aren’t the most viable option because of the long winters. It is true that not a lot of energy gathers when it is cloudy. Yet, sometimes winter days are some of the most excellent for solar farming. The light that reflects off the snow is a source of energy as well! If you have a solar array that soaks up the sun on both sides, you can take advantage of that fact. Getting sunlight from two angles is a powerful generator. Arguably, sunny winter days are some of the most effective when using solar power.

Maintenance is easy.

When it comes to maintenance, caring for solar panels and maintaining them is simple. The most complicated thing is the suggested yearly check-up by a professional. Other than that, someone must clear off the panels, so debris doesn’t block the sun.

Solar panels are reliable.

Solar panels are dependable. They offer consistent energy production, and their components rarely fail. Even if they do, most components are backed by a substantial warranty. Having a solar power shed can be a game-changer. They are trusted to work reliably. They are also an excellent backup power source in a natural disaster or an outage. You can store up the energy they collect in lithium-ion batteries. These battery units usually last anywhere from five to fifteen years in storage, and you can use them whenever needed. Aside from that, the actual panels also last for a long time. That time can be anywhere from twenty-five to thirty years if well maintained!

An economical energy option.

Another advantage is they can significantly offset your electricity bill. Let’s say you’re using a lot of excess energy to power your shed (like if it’s used for an office, for example). Solar power can virtually eliminate the extra cost.
On average, they add value to your home by about 4.1 percent. But don’t depend on this fact, as some people see solar as having significant worth, and others don’t. However, in most cases, they will make your home more valuable. Providing solar power for your shed is affordable and adds value for you.

The disadvantage of solar.

Now, while these above points make solar energy alluring, there are some disadvantages to consider as well.
Although solar panels eventually pay for themselves, they can be costly to install. Of course, depending on how cheap the panels you invest in and the size of your grid affect the price. The World Economic Forum commented on this, saying installing new solar panels is cheaper than a comparable investment in coal, natural gas, or other fossil fuel options.

Solar panels are heavy, and if you have a large grid, your shed roof might not be able to support the weight. Make sure to research the load your building’s roof can withstand. Don’t forget to factor snow into that number as well. You might need to reinforce your shed to accommodate the addition of solar panels. A solar-powered shed can have the panels on post near the shed so that you don’t have to worry about roof load.
The panels can also cause a nasty reflection. If your shed sits where the roof angles toward house windows or a yard, there’s a good chance you’ll catch some blinding rays. But you can avoid this problem with mindful placement.


All in all, solar panels are generally a worthwhile investment for your shed, especially if you’re using them for more than storage. With the energy gathered, you can charge electric vehicles, heat the building, and power any electronics you use inside.

And these are just a few possibilities. With your imagination, the opportunities are endless.

Here are a few products that can help you get started.

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