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We are Montana’s premier storage shed builder!

Storage Shed in a Box

MSC offers a full line of custom storage sheds to meet your needs.

Custom wood storage sheds are all the rage these days. We construct and install our storage sheds, and you make the structure your very own. You can use these to store items you don’t have room for or convert them into your dream workshop, home office, she-shed, or man cave. These are just a few examples; the limit is your imagination! With all the custom options we have for you to utilize, you will surely have a building that meets all your needs and looks perfect!

Select a Style and Start Designing Your Own Custom Shed


“It’s not about making something that meets expectations. It’s about creating something that changes them.

We do not offer shed kits. See our FAQ

Examples of available options

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Available sizes: 4’x6′, 4’x8′, 4’x10′, 6’x6′, 6’x8′, 6’x10′, 6’x12′, 8’x8′, 8’x10′, 8’x12′, 8’x14′, 8’x16′, 10’x10′, 10’x12′, 10’x14′, 10’x16′, 10’x18′, 10’x20′, 10’x24′, 10’x28′, 12’x12′, 12’x14′, 12’x16′, 12’x18′, 12’x20′, 12’x24′, 12’x28′, 12’x30′, 12’x32′, 12’x36′, 12’x40′, 12’x44′, 12’x48′, 14’x14′, 14’x16′, 14’x18′, 14’x20′, 14’x24′, 14’x28′, 14’x32′, 14’x36′, 14’x40′, 14’x44′, 14’x48′, 16’x16′, 16’x20′, 16’x24′, 16’x28′, 16’x32′, 16’x36′, 16’x40′, 16’x44′, 16’x48′, 16’x50′, 16’x54′

We have dealers across Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah & Wyoming.
There is a shed, garage, animal shelter, greenhouse, or cabin for sale near you.

FAQ About Prefab Sheds

  • Are all the sheds fully assembled before they get to my property?
    • Yes. Typically all sheds are prefabricated at our shop and then delivered to the property. On-site construction can be done for an additional cost.
  • How much do sheds cost?
  • Can I finance my MSC storage shed?
    • Absolutely. Any building under $20k is eligible for our rent-to-own program. Please talk to a local dealer for more information on your payments.
  • How long does it take to get my shed?
    • Stock buildings can typically be delivered within 1-2 weeks. Standard “to-build” buildings can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to complete, and all custom and larger builds can have anywhere from a 6-16 week lead time, depending on the availability of products. These lead times vary throughout the year, so please see your local dealer for a more accurate time frame for your build.
  • Do I need a permit for my shed?
    • If you live in a town, you may likely need a permit for a shed over 200 square feet. You are responsible for ensuring you are within permit codes for your area. Please see your local county plan coordination department to see if you have special restrictions or permitting needed in your area.
  • Do you use 2″x6″ construction?
    • No. But we do have upgrade options. Our standard for most of our shed builds comes with a 2×4 16-OC framework. A 16’ wide building will automatically be upgraded to 2×8 roof rafters, and a 14’ wide building will automatically be upgraded to a 2×6 rafter as a standard. Otherwise, we do offer 2×6 and 2×8 construction, it is just something you will need to request and get quoted for by your local dealer.
  • Do you sell kit builds?
    • Yes, we do. Please speak with your local dealer for pricing and size options for a take-home and put-together kit build. (Note: 10-year MSC Structural Warranty will not apply to buildings we do not complete.)
  • What information should I have with me when I come to purchase a shed?
    • It will be good to come prepared with your billing and delivery address, checkbook, cash or card of choice for the purchase, and pictures of your property if at all possible. If you are doing a rent-to-own contract for the building, please bring your driver’s license, a good account, or card if you’d like to enroll in auto-payment, along with a good reference for your contract who doesn’t live at the same address as you.
  • What kind of base/foundation do I need for my shed?
    • For sheds under 288 sq. ft., we offer a blocking package (clickable blocking package PDF) that costs less than a gravel pad and is still covered by our best in the industry, 10-year structural warranty. For any building over 288 sq ft., we suggest a ¾’ road base mix gravel pad consisting of 4″ of leveled and compacted road base mix. We do offer these gravel bases to some areas. Please talk to your local dealer if you are interested. You could always do a concrete pad if you prefer it, but we do not require these.
  • What is your shed-blocking package?
    • The likelihood of bare ground being level is slim to none. Our shed blocking packages are for customers who want a more affordable option for a level base without jeopardizing losing their 10-year structural warranty by placing their shed on bare ground. (Direction to 10-year structural warranty FAQ) Our blocking packages consist of 4×4 rim blocks stacked evenly according to your ground conditions. Our driver will lift and block out the ground below the shed until the shed has the same level of support for all the skids that run along the bottom of your shed. MSC will not block anything exceeding 1’ high and is only to be used for storage sheds under 288 sq. ft. Blocking packages for sheds under 140 sq ft are $160 and $225 for sheds over 140-288 sq ft. (Download PDF)
  • What do I need to do for site preparation?
    • You must provide adequate access to the proposed building location, ensuring the path is wide and high enough for shed delivery. We recommend 2’ clearance from both sides and overhead. You can find our MSC disclaimer and recommended site preparations here. (Download PDF)
  • Do I need to anchor my shed?
    • While it is not always necessary to, we do recommend it if you live in a high wind area. Our warranties do not cover acts of God, so it is never a bad idea to anchor your shed as a precaution. We have 2 options we supply that you can find here: Arrowhead Anchors.
  • How much do I need down to get my order started?
    • For shed orders, we require half down and the remaining half when we set delivery. Stock buildings must be paid in full upon your visit. If you are doing a rent-to-own contract for either a to-build order or a stock building, you will need 2 months of rent to start your building. The next monthly payment for RTO will be due 2 months after the shed is delivered.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    • Yes! We offer a 1.5% discount if you pay in full with a check or cash. It doesn’t cost us to process those, so we’re happy to give that incentive to you for using this form of payment. We do also occasionally have buildings that go on sale or have rental returns that come back that would cost less. The best way to find out is to call or visit us at one of our lots.
  • Can I get electrical in my shed?
    • Yes, we can do electrical in any building in Montana or Wyoming and have 4 different packages to choose from. Wiring is unavailable due to local codes if the building is to go into any other state.
  • Why does my quote show items have expired?
    • There is possibly a price change or an item that is no longer offered. If you run into this, return to where you selected the item and re-select. You should be able to proceed to the completion of the sale from there.
  • Can I change the trim color on an economy shed?
    • Our Economy shed is designed to maximize the quality of the product while passing on the maximum savings to the customer. The trim will be painted the same color as the siding as a standard to the build as one of these cost breaks.