Exterior Options

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Exterior design is key to making your structure unique and attractive. Enhance your windows with charming flower boxes to add a touch of beauty, or consider installing a solar motion light to keep your surroundings well-lit. These thoughtful additions not only elevate the aesthetics but also enhance the functionality of your space. Let your creativity shine as you personalize your structure with these exterior elements, making it truly stand out.

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Aluminum Ramps

These durable, heavy-duty ramps provide easy and safe loading and unloading to your storage shed or garage. Aluminum Ramps also reduce the chance of accidents, injuries, and damages.

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Dress up your she-shed, backyard storage, or office shed with an eye-catching cupola and add charm to your backyard. It is also a way to increase your garden shed’s natural light and ventilation.

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A cupola is only completed with a weathervane. Double the beauty of your backyard shed by adding this unique decoration and find out the direction of the wind in an old-fashioned way.   

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Solar Motion Light

The Solar Motion Light gets its power from the sun and stores it in its batteries. Once your solar motion light is installed, it will provide bright light for your yard for free.

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Flower Box

Flower Boxes are an excellent way to decorate and add value to your she shed, mancave, or office. It brings beauty to your shed and yard and makes your garden shed eco-friendly.

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Customize the siding of your structure by selecting the material and color from our extensive range. Design it exactly the way you envision, with endless possibilities to tailor it to your preferences.

Begin designing your structure now!

We believe in empowering our customers to unleash their creativity and bring their dream sheds or garages to life. With our user-friendly 3D designing tools, you can easily customize every aspect of your structure online. From choosing the dimensions, materials, colors, and even adding personal touches, the possibilities are endless. Our 3D designing feature ensures that you have full control over the final look and functionality of your shed or garage.