Prefab Garage

Keep Value in What You Value

Get yourself a personalized prefab garage to tuck your baby into at night. Whether it’s a dry safe home for your vehicle, motorcycles, bikes, boats, ATVs, or snowmobiles, a manufactured garage is a way to go because it can store and protect many things that bring value to your life.

What else can a manufactured garage provide for you?

Garages can also provide a place to work out of the weather. This is a place for painting a dresser, fixing the lawnmower, woodworking, making sure your fishing gear is ready for the season, and many other things. We can’t skip over one of the best reasons to own a garage—no more clearing snow and ice off your vehicle!

Moreover, our prefab garages come with wooden floors as a standard to make them more affordable. The wooden heavy-duty garage flooring is designed to hold up to 1,064.81 pounds per square foot. As a result, this becomes a less expensive option than pouring a concrete floor, though we are more than happy to make your garage floorless and anchor to your pre-made concrete slab if you prefer. Because these garages are built most times in our facility, you are supplied with a building that can be made in a great time and does not have to be built at the odds of mother nature. Therefore, you also get the best bang for your buck!

Keep your vehicle in great condition.

Keeping your vehicle and toys in great condition is a goal we all try to achieve. However, Northwest hail storms and sun damage are major adversaries in achieving that goal. Vehicles need a carport of some sort to stay in great condition. Have you seen those dull yellow headlamps? This is the result of what leaving a car out in the sun can do.

Our goal and promise are to provide you with a great garage that will add value to what you value. We use the finest materials, excellent craftsmanship, and a 10-year structural warranty on our labor. This means if anything happens structurally to the building within your personal first ten years of ownership (that was due to a lack in our craftsmanship), you can give us a call, and we will be sure to fix the issue. We’ve got your back!

Select A Style And Start Designing Your Own Custom Garage.

Built with proven materials

  • Metal Roof with a 40-year manufacture warranty.  1
  • LP SmartSiding with a 50-year manufacture warranty. 2
  • 3/4″ tongue and groove flooring
  • Standard Overhead Doors. (some photos show rollups)
  • Pretreated Skids that will last a lifetime. 3
  • Economical wood floors are designed to hold vehicles.
  • It can be set on a concrete pad.
  • Available sizes: 12′, 14′ & 16′ widths and 20′ to 52′ length.

An important fact to note is that the warranty is void if materials are not applied according to manufacturer specifications. We follow those instructions carefully to ensure your products are protected under the manufacturer’s warranty.

  1. Shingles are optional
  2. Other siding materials options
  3. Pretreated joists are optional.

Examples of available options

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We have dealers across Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, Utah & Wyoming.
There is a shed, garage, animal shelter, greenhouse, or cabin for sale near you.

* Double-wide garages can be an exception as we are limited in dimensions for transportation. Therefore some of them will have to be built onsite.

FAQ About Prefab Garages

  • Will the garage come with a wooden floor?
    • Garages will come standard with heavy-duty garage flooring. It consists of 2×6 floor joists 8″ o/c, and a ¾” flooring for a total floor beam strength of 1,064.81 pounds per square foot. You can also get your garage floorless if you prefer to set it on a level concrete monolithic slab.
  • Could I get a garage with high side walls?
    • Yes, some of our prefabricated garages can come with a max of a 9’ sidewall. (Restrictions may apply per style of garage) If you would like a garage with taller sidewalls than can be prefabricated in our shop, please refer to our inquiry form to inquire about an on-site garage build.
  • Do you build on-site garages?
    • Yes, whether you have limited space for a prefabricated garage or would like something bigger than we can conduct in the shop, please refer to our inquiry form to inquire about an on-site garage build
  • Will a wood product siding hold up against the weather?
    • Our choice in siding was made exclusively to secure a product of value and longevity. We use LP Smart side’s T1-11 finish for our standard buildings and find it to be superior to all others we have found. It is made up of resins, waxes, zinc borate, and finally, a moisture-resistant overlay. This product sports a whopping 50-year warranty! See more here (link to 50 YR warranty LP Smartside) (https://lpcorp.com/products/exterior/siding-trim/why-lp-smartside/weatherability)
  • What is the lead time for an order?
    • Garages can range anywhere from 6-16 weeks, depending on the building’s size, style, and desired options. Please talk to your local dealer for more information on the lead time for your specific order.
  • What base/foundation do I need for my garage?
    • We suggest a ¾” road base mix gravel pad consisting of 5-6” of leveled and compacted road base mix. We do offer these gravel bases to some areas. Please talk to your local dealer if you are interested. A monolithic concrete slab will be needed for all floorless garage builds. (Download PDF)
  • What do I have to do for site preparation?
    • You must provide adequate access to the proposed building location, ensuring the path is wide and high enough for the garage delivery. We recommend 2’ clearance from both sides and overhead. You can find our MSC disclaimer and recommended site preparations here. (Download PDF) You will be responsible for acquiring a contractor to complete a concrete monolithic slab for floorless garages. (Link Monolithic Slab PDF in underlined apply to buildings we do not complete.)
  • Do you use 2×6 construction?
    • Yes and no. Garages come standard with 2×6 floor joists 8” o/c and a ¾” flooring for a total floor beam strength of 1,064.81 pounds per square foot. Our standard for garages includes a 2×4 16-OC framework in the walls. A 16’ wide building will automatically be upgraded to 2×8 roof rafters, and a 14’ wide building will be automatically upgraded to a 2×6 rafter as a standard. Otherwise, we do offer 2×6 and 2×8 construction, it is just something you will need to request and get quoted by your local dealer.
  • Can I get electrical in my garage?
    • Yes, we can do electrical in any building in Montana or Wyoming and have 4 different packages to choose from. Wiring is unavailable due to local codes if the building is to go into any other state.
  • Do I need a permit for my garage?
    • If you live in town, you will likely need a permit for a garage. You are responsible for ensuring you are within permit codes and restrictions for your area. Please see your local county plan coordination department to see if you have special restrictions or permitting needed in your area.