Meet Our Corporate Team!

Ben Stoltzfus - Owner/CEO

Ben Stoltzfus


Ben was born and raised Amish and grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania. Ben started Montana Shed Center with the goal of constructing high quality buildings for life, while also providing a great customer experience.

He enjoys going camping with his family and is an avid reader. Most evenings, if he is not spending time with his wife or kids, he is sitting on his chair reading a good book.

Karl Ryder, CFO

Karl Ryder


Karl has been with MSC for 5 years and prides himself in being a good fixer upper. He enjoys working on and joyriding dirt bikes and cars. When he’s not crunching numbers, you can find Karl flying by on one of his treasured dirt bikes or Mustang waving an American flag.

Tim Kaluza, Production Manager

Tim Kaluza

Production Manager

Tim is an easy-going retired veteran of 20+ years. His hobbies consist of hiking, boating, or camping with his family. Being a very involved father, Tim is very dedicated to his daughters’ hobbies, so you can likely find him driving his kids to one of their many sports competitions whenever he gets a chance. His favorite thing to do in his free time is to kick back and relax with his family.

Yason Akinin, CAD/Cabin Specialist

Yason Akinin

CAD/Cabin Specialist

Yason has been with MSC for 5 years. He has a very keen eye for detail which provides him the talent for the detail-oriented execution of his projects. When Yason isn’t adding value at work, he enjoys spending the remainder of his free time obtaining his pilot’s license, sitting around a fire under the stars, or camping in the fresh Montana air.

Adam Reathaford

Dealer Representative

Adam is the Dealer Representative for our Montana salespeople. Adam believes that developing and improving the organizational capabilities and performance of the individual shed dealers are the building blocks for all our business models. Adam holds two Associate degrees in Applied Science, one in Construction Technology and the other in Human Resources, from the Community College of the Air Force. Adam enjoys all things related to family and the outdoors.

Josiah Stoltzfus

IT & Programming/Head of Marketing

Josiah is the oldest son to Ben Stoltzfus. His hobbies consist of reading a good book, playing chess or other board games, wrestling with his dog, or sparking a good debate. When he’s not indulging in one of his hobbies, he likes to spend time traveling and getting into new adventures with his wife.

Terri Searsdodd

Accounting Assistant

Terri is an accounting assistant under Karl Ryder. Terri crunches numbers at Montana Shed Center, but she is also a real estate agent! She likes to spend her free time in her hobbies-golfing, and camping. Most of all, Terri loves spending time with her family and pouring love into her children.

Alexis Stoltzfus

Sales/Creative Director of Marketing

Alexis was born and raised by her grandparents (adoptive parents) in Pennsylvania and is the wife of Josiah Stoltzfus. When she’s not at work trying to add value to the company, you can likely find her cooking and listening to oldies music (while belting out every word), caring for her many houseplants, playing with her dog, or hanging out with her friends. She loves deep conversations, art, music, design, exploring new places, and making others laugh and feel special.

Teresa Tank

Online Sales

Teresa Tank has worked for MSC since 2018. She loves living in Montana because of the community and beauty it provides. Teresa enjoys working for MSC because of its atmosphere and the people she works with.

Teresa aims most to provide her customers with a friendly and honest experience. 

Joe Lapp, VP Production

Joe Lapp

VP Production

Joe has been with MSC for 10 years. He started at the company as a framer, moved his way up to manager of the shop, and is now VP of Production. He loves his job at Montana Shed Center for the simple fact that it allows him to see other people learn new skills and improve their lives. When he’s not managing a little bit of everything at work, you can find Joe spending time with his kids.

Jenni McCurry CEO Assitant/HR

Jenni McCurry

CEO Assistant/HR

Jenni has been with MSC since 2020. Accomplishing her degree in business, Jenni provides the management team high-level administrative support and organization, along with handling all HR duties. She enjoys working at MSC for the variety of challenges, continuous growth and the great team she gets to work beside every day.

Her hobbies include golf, kayaking, watching documentaries and spending time with her family.

Micah Lapp, On-Site Crew Manager

Micah Lapp

On-Site Crew Manager

Micah has been a part of the Montana Shed Center team since he was a teenager. He loves traveling and trying new things. When he’s not busy with warranty work or constructing on-site buildings, Micah can be found in the mountains hiking or camping, jamming out at a rock concert, or building and riding motorcycles.

Tim Gurnsey, Dispatch

Tim Gurnsey


Tim has been with MSC for 2 years. He started as a framer and moved into dispatch at the beginning of 2022. 

Tim was born and raised in Great Falls and graduated from Simms Highschool. He enjoys all things involving the outdoors and sports. As long as Tim can be outside and active, he’s a happy camper. 

Dave Brown, Horse Barn Specialist

Dave Brown

Horse Barn Specialist

Dave is a big outdoorsman. He enjoys spending his free time in nature, skiing in the winter months, coaching softball, and soaking up the sun in the summer months. Being an avid hunter and fisherman, Dave is very keen and perceptive. Out of all his hobbies, the thing Dave treasures and enjoys most of all is spending time with his family.

Luke Philips

Luke Philips

Online Sales Manager

Luke has been with MSC since February 2014. Luke started as a trimmer, then moved to the framing department. He was promoted to floor manager and then moved up to shop foreman. He now works for our company doing online sales.

Luke is married to his wonderful wife of 10 years and has 4 lovely kids. He enjoys spending his free time with his family, hunting, and fishing.

Billie Fayden

Accounting Assistant

Billie loves the outdoors. Whether it’s playing softball or dragging her camper up to the mountains with her family, being outside is one of her most favorite things. But if she’s not at the softball fields or out in the wild, you can find her soaking up the sun with her husband and raising her two boys in the fresh Montana air.

Tonya Jorgensen

Marketing Project Manager

Tonya is a Montana native of 52 years.  She has been in marketing and advertising for 30+ years.  Tonya’s favorite pastime is being up at her family cabin on the river every weekend and spending quality time with family and friends. She loves dogs, horses, tacos and flower gardening.

Our Corporate Production Team

Perhaps the most special of us all is our builders and delivery drivers, who construct your building orders and ensure the structures are brought to you with the utmost care and safety.

We value these guys more than we could ever express!

Perhaps the most special of us all is our builders and delivery drivers, who construct your building orders and ensure the structures are brought to you with the utmost care and safety.

We value these guys more than we could ever express!


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