Montana Shed Center – Riverton, WY

cabins for sale in riverton, wy

When making a building purchase, it is essential to prioritize quality, durability, and functionality. At Montana Shed Center, we provide an extensive selection of sheds, garages, cabins, and barns, ensuring that you have a diverse range of high-quality options to choose from.

storage sheds for sale in riverton, wy


Embrace the freedom of designing your own storage shed with us. Begin by choosing the desired material, selecting the perfect siding style, deciding on the ideal windows and doors, handpicking the paint and trim color, and finalizing every detail to create a custom storage shed that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

garage sheds for sale in riverton, wy


For your peace of mind both while you’re away from home and when you’re resting at night, we highly recommend investing in a garage shed that boasts high-quality, durability, and functionality. At our facility, we provide customizable prefab garages precisely tailored to meet your requirements and ensure utmost satisfaction.

4' pourch


Look no further than Montana Shed Center for all your cabin and living space needs. We offer a comprehensive selection of DIY cabins, allowing you to design a cabin that perfectly matches your preferences. Once you’ve finalized the design, we will deliver the cabin to you, ready for you to complete the interior according to your vision.

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Greenhouses are purpose-built structures that provide an ideal environment for cultivating plants. These structures are designed to optimize growing conditions, allowing gardeners, horticulturists, and plant enthusiasts to extend the growing season and grow a wide range of plants in controlled settings.

horse barns for sale in riverton, wy

animal shelters

Investing in a top-quality and long-lasting shelter from MSC. Our extensive range of customizable barns, run-in sheds, chicken coops, dog kennels, and more is crafted with durable materials that can withstand inclement weather conditions while providing reliable shelter for your cherished animals.

Where to Buy Sheds in Riverton, WY

To reach our Riverton, WY sales lot from Lander, WY:

Get on WY-789 N to Riverton, WY. Drive about 24 miles, and the destination will be on the left.

To reach our Riverton, WY sales lot from Thermopolis, WY:

Get on US-20 E/Shoshoni ST to Riverton, WY. Turn Right onto US-26 W. Continue on S Federal Blvd, and the destination will be on the right.

run in sheds for sale in riverton, wy

Prefab Building Delivery in Riverton, WY

We offer secure and complimentary 50-mile shipping with any building that is custom or from inventory at our Riverton, WY, sales lot. Our delivery area extends from Thermopolis, WY, in the north to Atlantic City, WY, and Fort Washakie, WY, in the west.