Montana Shed Center – Pocatello, ID

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Buying a storage shed, garage, or cabin is a long-term investment. At Montana Shed Center, we prioritize offering high-quality, durable structures that will add beauty to your property for years to come.

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Since you will be storing your important belongings in your backyard shed, it needs to be built with sturdy materials, providing security and being able to withstand any Northwest weather.

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Because garages are so multi-purposeful, they must be designed with your needs in mind. We offer a 3D  garage designer for you to create the dream garage that will fit your needs perfectly.   

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Some people use our cabins as cozy offices in their backyard, and others use them as she sheds or man-caves. We offer options for customization so you can use your cabin precisely as you wish.  

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Greenhouses are excellent structures for avid gardeners and commercial growers alike, as they provide a controlled environment for cultivating plants and extending the growing season.

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animal shelters

Protecting your animals with a durable shelter is a must in the northwest. We meet your animal shelter needs at Montana Shed Center by offering high-quality dog kennels, run-in sheds, and more.

Where to Buy Sheds in Pocatello, ID

To reach our Pocatello, ID lot from Idaho Falls, ID:

Get on I-15 S to Pocatello, ID. Take exit 67 for 5th Ave. Then turn right onto Cliffs Wy.

To reach our Pocatello, ID lot from Malad City, ID:

Get on I-15 N to Pocatello, ID. Take exit 67. Then take 5th Ave to Cliffs Wy.

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Prefab Building Delivery in Pocatello, ID

We offer secure and complimentary 50-mile shipping with any building that is custom or from inventory at our Pocatello, ID sales lot. Our delivery area extends from Idaho Falls, ID, in the north to Malad City, ID, in the south, and Raft River, ID, in the west to Soda Springs, ID, in the east.