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Greenhouses: The Way To A Healthier Lifestyle

Obtaining a greenhouse can provide you with high-quality organic herbs and vegetables for less money. According to Harvard Medical School, growing your own produce has many health benefits. (Backyard gardening: grow your own food, improve your health – Harvard Health) The weather in the Northwest is not the best for gardening, and short growing seasons limit the amount of produce you can reap. Not only that, wind and cold can keep you from the garden. A Northwest hothouse requires a strong, sturdy structure that will hold up to Northwest weather conditions. A Montana Shed Center greenhouse can solve these problems. Wasting money on a flimsy option found online is not a good solution. We have seen these products, and they do not do well in Northwest weather conditions.

Order yours before the growing season!

There is a small window for getting a garden shed greenhouse and having it ready for the growing season. If you miss this season, you miss out on the health, reward, and value a greenhouse can provide. Montana Shed Center has an excellent reputation for quality buildings, and our greenhouses have stood up to damaging hailstorms and violent winds. We also back them with an outstanding 10-year warranty on our labor.

You know this, but

A greenhouse uses solar energy to raise interior temperatures. We have an automatic vent to let out the heat when the temperature gets warm. Alternatively, you can add a basic electrical package to the building to utilize a heater in the cold months and get an electronic power vent fan for precise regulation in the hot seasons, allowing you to use your greenhouse year-round!

Now What?

Others have spent good money on inferior greenhouses only to see them fail in just a couple of seasons or less. Montana Shed Center makes it easy to get a quality greenhouse, and we even have free delivery; and who could forget the 10-year warranty! You have nothing to lose but so much to gain. You have a couple of options to get started:

Standard Features

  • 4×4 Perimeter 4′, 6′, 8′, and 10′ wide building
  • 4×6 Perimeter in 12′ wide building
  • 5/12 Pitch roof
  • 36″ single door with 14″x21″ window
  • Floor-less
  • 2′ O/C framing
  • Auto roof vent
  • Clear 10 mil poly-carbonate siding and roof
  • 32″ tall T-111 wainscot.

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