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Animal Shelters

A shelter is the nicest thing you can give your animal.

Every animal owner desires to take care of their animals. Congratulations! You demonstrate your knowledge and love of excellent animal care by coming to this page. A shelter is the perfect gift to present to your critter.

Avoid catastrophes for your animals

What do you feel when you see a news story about someone who failed to care for their pet or livestock properly? It probably causes outrage and sadness, especially if you love animals. All animals deserve shelter from the weather-exceptionally so in the harsh climates of the Northwest.

A simple covering for protection is suitable in some parts of the country. However, a better shelter is a must in the Northwest with its weather and cold. We know this because it has taken us a lot of thought and testing to see what works. As a result, our shelters are designed with the northern areas in mind.

MSC’s promise to you

Building a shelter yourself is a significant task, however finding one worthy of your money is more difficult. MSC’s animal shelters are built to withstand the wind and cold of the Northwest and are guaranteed to keep your animals safe and dry, no matter the weather. At Montana Shed Center, we are so confident in our buildings that we have a 10-year-warranty to back up our work. We stand behind our craftsmanship with a warranty team to ensure you will have the best of the best customer service; we make it our mission to do so.

Get your animal shelter today

No matter what animals you have or the type of shelter you require, we know we have something that will meet your needs. Begin by customizing your own order, or search our “Dealer Locations/Inventory” page under the “Get Started” tab to find a suitable animal shelter that may be available near you.

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Built with proven materials

One secret that one must know is that the warranty is voided if the materials are not applied according to manufacturer specifications. We follow those instructions carefully, while other manufacturers might not.

  1. Shingles are optional
  2. Other siding materials options
  3. Pretreated joists are optional.

There are many ways to get started. Give us a call. Fill out the form on a product page. Use our 3D tool to instantly get prices. If you are looking for a horse barn, please call.