About Montana Shed Center

Asking “why Montana Shed Center” is an excellent place to start. As you can see from the information below, we do our best to provide you with outstanding quality. We also want to provide you with exceptional service. We see beyond the sale of a shed to a satisfied customer. It is not just a business plan; it is who we are. We want to treat others how we would like to be treated. If we want a fair deal and someone to stand behind their work, then we will do the same for others. We know this is not the norm today as more and more businesses only look for profit.

Portable Garden Sheds and Garages

  • Commitment to quality, durability, and appealing design is unmatched in our industry.
  • Best quality, the best value, and price… **GUARANTEED!
  • Best warranty in the industry with our **10-year Warranty on workmanship and a 50-year **limited warranty on our LP Engineered real wood siding.
  • Best RENT TO OWN in the industry with unmatched customer service.
  • Free delivery within 50 miles of any sales lot with professional state-of-the-art equipment.
  • MSC builds on-site for an additional charge on the standard garden shed and garage products if there are access restrictions*.
  • The most custom options and largest product group available in the backyard business.
  • Best long-term service support in the industry guaranteed.
  • Your purchase includes the product, delivery to site, Paints or Stain, Metal Roof, and a **10-Year Workmanship Warranty.

**Contact your local dealer for warranty and guarantee terms.
* In most areas.

  • Crane services are additional
  • Concrete blocking is an additional charge.

MSC Superior Products

  1. Absolute best doors in the industry! Doors are the most susceptible part to be damaged in a shed.
  2. 40-Year warranty on our Metal Roof  (A Pro-Tech Steel product) or 40-Year warranty on Pabco shingle roof with metal drip edges.
  3. Superior standard dual ventilation system.
  4. Standard framing is 16″ o/c with double top plates notched at the corners. (Economy Series and buildings under 8′ wide are 2′ o/c)
  5. 50-Year Limited Warranty Engineered LP SmartSide.
  6. 5/8″ T&G LP ProStruct flooring with SmartFinish®. Our standard floor loads are Engineer rated at 226 pounds per sq.ft. (over 40% better than other competitors.)
  7. Extra heavy-duty standard garage floor system.  The joists are placed 8″ on center and we use 3/4″ PerformMax T&G sheeting.

Buy Direct

The Montana Center is a name you can trust for all of your backyard needs.

When you buy from The Montana Center—You buy direct! No working with wholesale vendors who markup the product and can’t process a  warranty claim, etc.

At The Montana Center, we will service your product for a *lifetime and provide you with an in-house 7-year workmanship warranty!!

The Montana Center wants you, the customer, to not only know why you can trust our product but to know what sets Montana Shed Center apart from the industry standard in portable storage sheds, garages and other types of portable products. Chose The Montana Center for the best service and products when it comes to your backyard products.

*Our lifetime service is offered to the original owner for as long as you own the building.

Buildings designed to meet the following codes:


Engineer Certified Standard set of engineered plans available with the purchase of building upon request (additional charges will apply). The request must be submitted at the time of building order.

Price does not include anchors, calculations or elevations. Extra charges apply for custom engineering, calculations or elevations. Designed to meet IBC standards, not guaranteed for every local jurisdiction. Economy style buildings are not certified as a standard. These can be built as certified for an additional charge.

Engineered Trusses
Engineered Rafters