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Montana Shed Center September 2020 Newsletter

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Employee of the month

Karl JonesCarl Jones was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He moved to Montana and has been working at Montana Shed Center for four years. His peers nominated Carl because he is a hard worker and always willing to offer a helping hand. Carl works in the Great Falls shop.

Carl is married to Neoma Jones, and they enjoy life in Great Falls with their two children. His favorite part about coming to work every day is the environment, and he says he likes working with his co-workers and bosses. His favorite thing about Montana is living under the Big Sky. Congratulations to Carl Jones, and thank you for the hard work you do.

Porches make a difference

It’s nice to see what you can do with a porch on your shed, once you have one. The porch is a great little place to decorate and enjoy the mornings or afternoons. Even a simple storage shed can be enhanced with a deck to add beauty and a nice place to sit. This particular porch was designed with an extension (not pictured). This porch is the perfect size for a BBQ and table/chairs. Watch for our decorating video on Facebook, coming in October.

Customize for Animals

Here is a three-piece horse shelter that will be making it’s home in Bozeman. These three pieces will form a half-circle. You will notice that there walk-in tack room off to the right of the shelters, an indoor area for getting animals out of the weather during the cold, and the building on end may serve as a feed storage room or hay shed. This is another design that was created by the customer.

One of our specialties is custom buildings. How can we help you with your storage, animal, or vehicle needs?

The Garden Thyme Greenhouse

Above is the “Garden Thyme” version 1.0 – Ashlee Keene designed her own beautiful greenhouse, and its popularity grew fast. Ashlee is the owner and operator of “The Sassy Barn.” She also is an Instagram blogger and, with her husband, runs the Pinedale Wyoming MSC shop and lot. Ashlee’s original “Garden Thyme” design created such hype that a customer asked us to build a larger version. The greenhouse is 12 by 36 feet and features a total of 56 windows. We will follow the trademarked “white” of the original Garden Thyme theme.

Garden Thyme Chicken Coop

This is the mini version of “Garden Thyme” that the customer ordered as a chicken coop. Whatever size you are needing, for whatever purpose you want, MSC can build exactly the building you desire.

Horse Barn Living

There is the option of having a living quarter in the upper level of one of our barns. This area also features a deck off the end with sliding glass doors so the resident may take advantage of whatever view may offer itself. Barns and animal shelters should be ordered now to accommodate the winter season.

In our last issue, we spoke about how our Montana Shed Center keeps growing, and it is. Keep watching our Facebook page for new announcements in new cities and states.

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