Quaker Animal Shelter

Quaker Animal Shelter

The Quaker Animal Shelter is an upgraded version of our standard livestock building.

Weather in the Northwest can be nasty. These Animal shelters help keep your livestock healthy in style, and they give great peace of mind! Fantastic for horses, cattle, goats, alpacas, maybe even a musk ox! Make sure you order yours before the weather turns bad, and we will get you wan as soon as possible.

*Shown with an additional tack room.

Special Features

  • Quaker style roof
  • Metal Trim
  • 4′ high 5/8 CDX Plywood Kickboards with chew guard
  • Floorless
  • 2×4 Rafters 16″ o/c. 2×6 rafters in 12′ and 14′ wide
  • 1-Opening up to 20′ long. 2-openings over 20′ long
  • One pitch roof
  • 9’4″ Front wall height (approx)
  • 7’4″ Back wall height (approx)
  • Optional tack rooms are available.

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