Prestige Castle Mountain™ Shed

Prestige Castle Mountain™ Shed

The Prestige Castle Mountain raises the bar on beauty.

Our Prestige Castle Mountain™ shed will add beauty to any home or business. The extended eaves and gables give a high-quality finish while the steeper pitch roof is functional as well as provides an upscale elegance. The windows with their faux shutter will add needed light to the interior. Your Castle Mountian will be the envy of your neighbors.

Standard Upgrade Features

  • 7/12 Pitch
  • 1′ taller wall (7’4.5″)
  • 6″ eave and gable overhangs
  • 2 24″x36″ Aluminum windows with screens
  • 2 pair of faux shutters (wood)
  • 2 arched top vents
  • Arched door trims

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Standard Features

*On sheds over 8′ wide. A single door on under 8′.

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