10x20 large gazebo 1344x679 c

10′ x 18′  starts as low as

$ 9,299

Rent-to-own starting at

$ 430 a month

octagon gazebo for sale in mt wy ut

Beautifully Crafted Gazebos

Our Gazebo selection includes the traditional octagon, the elegant oval, and the versatile rectangle. Each of these gazebo styles can be customized to suit your individual preferences, with a range of colors to choose from.

gazebo for sale in mt, wy, ut

octagon Wood gazebo

The natural beauty of the wood provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a popular choice for outdoor living spaces.

hard top gazebo for sale 1600x9999

oval wood gazebo

 This style utilizes an elegant oval shape to provide ample space for outdoor gatherings and relaxation.

12x12 rectangular gazebo 1600x1600

rectangle wood gazebo

A rectangular wooden gazebo is perfect for hosting outdoor events, dining al fresco, or simply enjoying a peaceful moment in nature.

garden gazebo for sale in mt wy ut

octagon vinyl gazebo

An octagon vinyl gazebo combines a traditional look with durable and weather-resistant vinyl materials.

hard top gazebo for sale 1600x9999

oval vinyl gazebo

An oval vinyl gazebo is a low-maintenance outdoor structure that offers a stylish and functional haven in your backyard or garden.

large gazebo for sale in mt wy ut

rectangle vinyl gazebo

A rectangular vinyl gazebo is a great way to extend your living space and add value to your property. 

Standard Features

wood gazebo

  • Available sizes (from 8×8 to 16×32)
  • Available in 7 Colors
  • Shape: Octagon, Oval, Rectangle
  • Wood Railing Style: Dutch, New England, Colonial, Baroque
  • Wood Floor
  • Roof Style: Bell, Cupola, Pagoda, Pinnical, Standard
  • Anchor Bracket
  • Electrical Package
  • Detail of Underside of Roof

vinyl gazebo

  • Available sizes (from 8×10 to 24×24)
  • Available in 2 Colors
  • Shape: Octagon, Oval, Rectangle
  • Wood Railing Style: Colonial, Baroque, Country, No Bottom Rails
  • Electrical Package
  • Post Trim, Brace & Headers, Dental Molding
  • Anchor Brackets
  • Detail of Underside of Roof

Design Your Own Gazebo

Did you know you can create and customize a 3D model of the gazebo you want to purchase? Here are a few ways that you can customize your gazebo.

Pick A Size

We offer a wide selection of sizes which allows you to pick the perfect-sized gazebo for your yard or garden.


Select any color for your vinyl or wooden gazebo from our wide range of color selections.


You have the option to customize your roof by choosing from 5V metal, standing seam metal, or asphalt shingles. These materials are available in a variety of colors and are suitable for structures of any size.

additional packages

We provide additional packages such as a cupola and electrical packages for your gazebo.

GAzebo Delivery

We offer secure and complimentary delivery services across over 50 locations in six Northwestern states, including Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.