Montana Shed Center’s Philosophy

MSC philosophy towards a better product

Montana Shed Center is a success story by any measurement. There are simple reasons for this, and we would like to share them with you. MSC was built by hard work and dedication to our customers. It is easy to bring a product to market, but it is much harder to get it right. From the quality of the buildings to the delivery and support, we are doing what it takes to please our customers.

Quality CraftsmanshipWe could build shoddy buildings by cutting back on materials. We could make all our buildings with 24” on center studs, but we know that will not work in Montana with the winds and snow loads we receive. 16” on center studs, rafters, and joists are the right choices, so we made it.

Floor Loads

Floor loads are a concern too. Garage floors need to hold up to the weight of vehicles for many years, not just long enough to cover the warranty (we will get to that later). We did not only increase the thickness of our substrate, but we also place our joists a close 8” apart. Some companies choose to use residential OSB flooring in the sheds. These products are not designed nor warrantied by the manufacturer for such use. We have used a CDX plywood for years, but now we are moving to LP ProStruct flooring because it is engineered specifically for shed floors. LP ProStruct flooring is backed by a 1/10 year warranty.  Learn More

A Great Roof

Roofing too is important. We could us cheap Chinese’s steel from a discount warehouse, however, we don’t feel comfortable doing this. Therefore we have our own steel fabricating facility to make sure we have the highest quality product. Our metal roof is backed by a 40-year warranty.

Durable Siding

Choosing the best siding is important, and that is why we use LP products. LP SmartSiding has been rigidly tested by NASA for impact resistance, and it proves its durability. That is why LP backs it with an unbelievable 5/50 year warranty. Some companies only give you a few siding choices to keep cost down, but we know that customers want a product that compliments their home or property. With options of panel, lap, steel, log, board and batten siding you can create the look that is right for you. We also use high-quality Sherwin Williams paint because we know that you don’t want to be painting your shed in 5 to 10 years.

A Fantastic Warranty

10 Year warrantyBeing Montana owned, we care about the quality of our craftsmanship. We pay a good wage to our carpenters, but the good craftsmanship is worth the cost. As Montanans, we want to treat our workers, your neighbors, as we want to be treated. Sure, we could pay minimum wages and get our sheds built, but not with the skill of a craftsman. This is why we can offer an industry leading 10-year warranty.

Free delivery to rural Montana is our goal. We have locations all across the state including locations in Idaho, North Dakota, and Oregon. This means there is most likely a lot near you and we offer free delivery within 35 miles of each lot. Beyond that our delivery cost is reasonable. We know Montana’s roads and how difficult they can be, but our drivers are ready to take them on to get your building to the exact spot you need it.

That is our story, our philosophy, and we are sticking to it because we believe in doing things right.

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