Glenrock, WY

Sales Hours: Monday – Thursday | 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Shop hours: Monday – Thursday | 6:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Location: 73 55 Ranch Rd Rolling Hills, WY 82637

Montana Shed Center has our sheds for sale in Glenrock Wyoming. This page is provided to give you access to our dealer and inventory.


About The Glenrock Wyoming Lot & Shop

Montana Shed Center is proud to be one of the best shed providers in the state. Our sales lot offers everything from A-frame sheds, Dog Shelters, and Garages, to Quaker Animal Shelters and Cabin Shells. You can buy one right off of our lot or wait a little longer and design one your way. Whatever your needs, we make buildings for life.

Are you looking for something beyond a basic shed like a Horse Barn or Cabin? Give us a call, and we can connect you with your closest specialist.

Misti Allen
Sales Representative
Montana Shed Center
(307) 259-3711

Storage Sheds

You can find  high-quality and affordable storage sheds sold in Glenrock, Wyoming. Montana Shed Center has been providing storage sheds to Glenrock area residents for more than a decade. We have a great reputation for quality service as we stand behind our products with a 10-year warranty.  


If you are looking for a garage, Montana Shed Center has a solution for you. Our garages are prebuilt in our factory, which lowers cost and provides a higher quality garage. We sell and deliver our garages to the Glenrock area. The garages come standard with an engineered wood floor, but we can build floorless models for your slab. 


When it comes to cabins and living spaces Montana Shed Center has what you need. We have the perfect DIY cabin lineup. You can design a cabin to suit your needs and we deliver it ready for you to finish the interior. If you want a cabin ready to use we also have a full line of fully finished cabins.

Animal Shelter

If you are looking for the right shelter for your animals, Montana Shed Center of Glenrock probably has what you need. We have shelters for chicken coops, dog houses, dog kennels, animal shelters (loafing sheds), and large horse barns. Stop by our lot or call our Glenrock dealer to find out more.


Growing your own food is a Wyoming way of living. Greenhouses can be an important part of that. The need for a longer growing season is a common problem in the northern states and that is why greenhouses are so popular.  Be proactive with your plants like many successful gardeners with a Greenhouse from Montana Shed Center.

Custom Sheds

You certainly do not have to settle for a stock design. Montana Shed Center builds custom sheds, offices, she sheds, workshops, and just about any other type of building to fit your application. So contact our Glenrock dealer to discuss your needs and see what we can do for you.