FAQ (General)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that concern general topics.

  • Q: Do you sell shed kits?
    No for a good reason. We want to give the very best shed we can and that is why we offer a 10-year warranty. That is not possible if we do not assemble the shed.
  • Q: “What does your warranty include?”
    We provide a 10-year warranty on our workmanship. Click Here for details. The materials we use have manufacturer’s warranties. Modification to a shed can void our warranty.
  • Q: “How much is delivery to my location.”
    A: MSC offers free delivery to all of Montana and Wyoming for “to-build” orders. Stock buildings are 60 miles free from the stock location. Please ask your local dealer how much delivery would be for your proposed building if you are outside of MT or WY. 
  • Q: “How much do you need down to get it started?”
    A: We require either half down at purchasing and the remaining half before delivery. For rent-to-own, the first two months’ payments are required at signing.
  • Q: “If the shed is sitting directly on runners, won’t the wood just rot since they will be exposed to the ground?”
    A: No. Our 4×4 runners are pressure-treated to last a lifetime.
  • Q: “Will a wood siding hold up against the weather?”
    A: Yes, All exterior products carry a minimum 40-year manufacture warranty.
  • Q: “What is the lead time if I order?”
    A: Lead times vary; however, any standard shed under 12×20 will be completed in approximately 4-6 weeks. Bigger standard sheds approximately 5-8 weeks. Custom buildings, cottages, garages, double wides, etc., 8+ weeks. (Please talk to us about more specific timelines for bigger or custom projects if you are interested) Try to keep this in mind if you are hoping to get a project done with us so you can get your order in accordingly. It’s always safer to order a bit earlier rather than late!
  • Q: “What base (foundation) is needed for my shed?”
    We suggest a pad consisting of a 3″-5″ deep ¾” road mix 1′ larger in diameter than the shed size. For sheds under 288 sq. ft., we offer a blocking package that is still covered by our best in the industry, a 10-year warranty (see details). Some large buildings require a concrete foundation (Slab PDF, Stem Wall). Your dealer can answer your questions.
  • Q: “What do I have to do for site preparation?”
    A: You must provide adequate access to the proposed building location, ensuring the path is wide and high enough for shed delivery. We recommend 2’ clearance from both sides and overhead. Click here for details.
  • Q: “Do I need to secure my shed against the wind?”
    A: It depends on the exposure to wind. It might not need anything anchoring if the shed has sufficient weight inside. However, lighter buildings like animal shelters and greenhouses would probably do better being anchored. We sell an anchoring kit you can get from the dealer or order here.
  • Q. “What if I need taller walls?”
    A. Our typical sheds are 6 feet 4.5 inches. Our tall-wall sheds are an additional foot taller at 7 feet 4.5 inches. If you would like a taller sidewall, please consult your local dealer.
  • Q: “Do you use 2×6 construction?”
    A: No. But we do have upgrade options. Our standard for most of our shed builds comes with a 2×4 16-OC framework. A 16’ wide building will have 2×8 roof rafters, and 14’ wide buildings have 2×6 rafters as a standard. You can upgrade most buildings to 2×6 or 2×8 construction.
  • Q: “Do you offer discounts.”
    A: We have a discount offered when buildings are paid in full in cash or check. Talk to your local dealer for details.
  • Q: “What is your shed blocking package?”
    A: Our shed blocking packages are for customers who would like a more affordable foundation that will meet the requirements for their 10-year structural warranty. Our blocking packages consist of 4×4 blocks that our driver will use to level your shed. MSC will not block anything exceeding 1foot high and is only to be used for storage sheds under 288 sq. ft.
  • Q: “Can I get electrical in my shed?”
    A: Yes! We can add wiring to any building in Montana or Wyoming. Unfortunately, if the building is to go into any other state, wiring is not available.
  • Q: “What if I want a specific product that you guys don’t offer?”
    Let us know what you’re looking for, and we can see if we can meet your needs.
  • Q. “Why can’t I change the trim color on an Economy Shed?”
    A. One of the things we do to keep prices down on the Economy shed is to remove the trim.
  • Q. “Why does my quote show items that are expired?”
    A. There is possibly a price change, or it is an item that is no longer offered. If there was a price change, re-select the item. You should be able to proceed to complete the sale from there. 
  • Q. “Is it possible to live in a shed in my state?”
    A. If your local zoning regulations and HOA permit it, you should be allowed to live in your shed. However, you will need planning permission to make your shed inhabitable. This is because you are not technically living in the shed. If you utilize our RTO program and live in the building, you will be breaking the RTO contract. We do not recommend living in the building if you have not bought the shed outright.