Quaker Animal Shetler

The Quaker Animal Shelter is an upgraded version of our standard livestock building. Sample Pricing 8’x14′ starts as little as $4,999.00 andRent-to-own only $231.00 a month Weather in the Northwest can be nasty. These animal shelters help keep your livestock healthy in style, and they give great peace of mind. Fantastic for horses, cattle, goats, or alpacas; maybe even …

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It is called the Quaker because of its distinctly-styled roof. Sample Pricing 8’x8′ starts as little as $3,499.00 andRent-to-own only $160.00 a month The “Quaker” Shed will add a touch of charm and class to your landscape while also serving the purpose of a storage shed. The unique overhang keeps the rain and snow off the front of the …

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