April 2020 Newsletter

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Ross Allen

and his crew experienced a nightmare situation this past February when their business burnt to the ground. This devastating event took every bit of their business and belongings.  We honored Ross with his crew as our Employees of the month due to their incredible work ethic and dedication to what they do. They have been a part of the Montana Shed Center team for over a year now. Ross and his crew do all the shed building for the Wyoming area. We congratulate you, thank you and appreciate you and your entire team.

Welcome….Justin Okes to Montana Shed Center, Great Falls.

Justin comes to us from Fleet Supply where he worked the past 5 years as the Store Manager.  Justin has many years of sales experience and also works his family farm outside of Sun River, MT.  Justin will represent Mt. Shed Center as a Dealer Rep working with Adam and Bryan at the 10th Avenue South location.

Justin Okes

Look for something positive each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.


An Inspirational Story of “Life”

Violet Jessop – “Miss Unsinkable”  – Before Violet Jessop, an ocean liner stewardess and nurse survived the sinking of the Titanic, at the age of 25, she survived the collision of the RMS Olympic with a British warship in 1911.   Undeterred, Jessop began working on the HMHS Britannic (dubbed the Titanic 2), until it came across a mine that had been planted by a German U-boat in 1916 and sank.  Jessop would cheat death once again.  Retiring in 1950 and dying at the ripe old age of 84, Jessop more than earned her name: “Miss Unsinkable” 

This has been a very strange time period in all of our lives with COVID19 dictating our every move, businesses, personal lives, personal needs, and even our families. Montana Shed Center has been blessed to be one of the essential companies determined by the Governors of Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho to stay open. In an effort to keep our employees safe and especially our customers safe, we offer online shed purchases, and we are still delivering to our customers during this time.  We comply with all orders of social distancing and cleanliness at our shops.  We invite you to browse our website for your new building.

April 15th, 1912

In the icy waters off Newfoundland, the luxury liner Titanic with 2,224 persons on board, sank at 2:27am after striking an iceberg just before midnight.  Over 2500 persons drowned while 700 were rescued by the line Carpathia which arrived about two hours after the Titanic went down. 

Frost Dates for Central Montana

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